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🎉 Meal Plan Monday Dec. 28

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Hello ladies! What’s on the meal plan for this coming week? Holiday cookies all day? 🤗 Planning on making or ordering anything special for New Year’s Eve?

Any mommas feeling shifting needs in terms of wanting to eat more or less of certain things as we approach second half of our pregnancies?

Re: 🎉 Meal Plan Monday Dec. 28

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    Sheet pan shrimp fajitas
    Baked potato bar & chili night 
    Spaghetti squash & fake “meat” sauce 
    Soup & Chopped salad w feta, chickpeas & avocado  
    Blistered broccoli pasta with walnuts/dill

    We’ll order out something special for NYE and I’ll add potato chips with caviar & sour cream. 🥳

    I am feeling like I need more actual animal protein these days, so I’m trying to work it in. I usually keep me & DH’s dinners the same but I’m starting to either do a meat version of something (like the chili on baked potato night) for me or trying to have meat for lunch when we do our own meals. 
  • Tonight will be leftovers from Christmas dinner (turkey roast with spinach mashed potatoes au gratin)

    Tomorrow I think I'll make a creamy shrimp pasta dish

    Wednesday I think we'll finish the turkey...

    Thursday, NYE, I'm not sure what to cook... maybe a fondue? It's not my fiance's favorite meal so I'll check with him but I'd like to eat that. I'll also bake a Greek New Year's cake (https://www.mygreekdish.com/recipe/vasilopita-cake-greek-new-years-cake/#:~:text=Vasilopita is a traditional Greek,the rest of the year!)

    Friday...maybe trout or we'll order something good if we can. Last year we went out to eat at a local wine bar on January 1st, just my SO and I and it was so fun! We were the only customers 😅
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  • I’m probably going to be lazy this week and do a lot of ordering ha. I’m still so iffy with foods and haven’t been able to plan much because my aversions change every second. I’ve been so “fly by the seat of my pants” with good so far. However, for NYE we are going to make crab legs, steak, baked potatoes and salad and I am looking forward to it! 
  • I got an instant pot and an air fryer for Christmas so I'm all about cooking this week! Monday I made air fryer avocado egg rolls. They tasted good but I have to figure out the air fryer a bit better...they were better than baked but not like fried lol. Tuesday I made.a creamy chicken soup in the instant pot which was delicious! I shared the recipe in the GTKY thread if anyone is interested. Tonight for NYE we are making crab legs, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts in the air fryer, and cheddar biscuits. Tomorrow I think I'm going to make a charcuterie board.
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