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Weekly Randoms 12/28

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  • I haven’t shaved my legs since my last MFM appointment and I have another one at 3:15 today but I have no energy to get it done  :#:D Also it’s cold outside and I’m not looking forward to having to take my pants off. 
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  • @littlelibelula I know I just saw! Considering that most of us found out we were expecting in September, it's crazy!
  • You know I just have to say.. my vagina effing hurts! What the heck 😭🤪🤣🤣🤣. It’s so achey and “full” feeling. I never experienced this in my last three and I’m just not a fan! 
  • Has anyone used the Gentle Birth app for birth prep? I’m still debating on what type of birth prep/birth course to do. 
  • @brynn_mamaof4 sounds like SPD, and yes it's awful. When I had it I got a support belt, (the belevation one from amazon) and would sometimes ice my vagina at night. I had it with #2&3, so I'm just waiting for it to come back this time.
    First day back at work after an extended break, and I am not feeling it. Almost no one is online today, and I really have stuff I should take care of while it's quiet, but instead I'm listening to podcasts, and playing games on my phone. I know I'm going to regret this later in the week, but uhg. 
  • @mrosek91that makes sense because I know I’m dealing with SPD this time, I actually go to the chiropractor one time per week (and do plan to buy a support belt). I thought the SPD was going to be more groin/pelvic bone pain vs. pain in my poor vagina as well! The chiro has helped with the groin/pelvic pain, and I bet a support belt would help the other discomfort as well to kinda of lift up and away from the area. It hurts a lot worse at night. 
  • @brynn_mamaof4 agh! Me too! It’s so frustrating! ‘Full’ and ‘heavy’ over here. I feel like I had it a little with my others, but not this early, and not this bad. Of course that could just be me glossing over the realities of my previous pregnancies. It’s easy to forget. 

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  • @yellingbanana I don’t remember it in my previous ones either though I did read it’s more common the more pregnancies you have! It really sucks, I notice it more in the evening and things like getting out of bed or changing positions is just super painful. Hoping the belt helps! 
  • @yellingbanana the pregnancy amnesia is real. I will complain about things, and be like, "I didn't have this with any of the other pregnancies" and DH will be "yes, you did. you complained about it all the time." It's totally biology's way of continuing the species.
    @brynn_mamaof4 my SPD was really bad with #2, and I my OB told me it just happens, deal with it. Then with #3 I found The Bump, and had other woman offer suggestions, could just be a coincidence because every pregnancy is different, but it was so much better that time around with the belt, and the ice. But yes definitely worse when lying down, and staying still for long periods. That's why I liked to go to sleep with ice tucked up there, but then again baby #3 was a summer baby, so the ice was nice for other things too, not sure if I'll do it this time around, we'll see how bad the pain gets.

  • Oh man yes the SPD is killer this time around. I got it last time but not until well into 3rd tri. I've already been dealing with it for weeks now. I did get a support belt but haven't tried ice yet. Getting off the exam table and back into my pants after my cervical check yesterday was suuuuuuuper painful. 
  • I got a burst of energy while working from home today so I did some organizing! My new playroom bins showed up (got a different color than what we had and added a few; still need two more) so I switched out all of the old bins and sorted everything so there's one category per bin. Still need to get sorters and stuff for inside the bins but it all looks so much better. 

    After that I organized DD's snack shelf in our pantry with some clear bins my MIL got me for Christmas. We have so much more room now and I still have a bin leftover even after designating an overflow bin. 

    Now if I could just get my disaster of a desk in order...
  • @gusgus14 I'm jealous of your motivation! My house still looks like Christmas puked everywhere lol. 

  • @mimser thinking of you today!!
  • @mimser I hope today is a calm relaxing and uneventful day for you. 

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  • @nbcarlson half of our Christmas stuff is still out so don't be too jealous  :D I think we're planning on taking the tree and anything else that's left down tomorrow. 
  • @spartan4life yes, it's been doing the same thing for me. So annoying!
  • @spartan4life yes me too, sometimes it can take several tries too
  • Me too! It’s been terrible. 
  • I hate the app, I just open in a chrome browser.

    @mimser Came here to say woohoo on passing your milestone! 💙
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  • @spartan4life yes! It's being a total pain and wouldn't even let me comment on threads. 

  • Seriously was driving me crazy. And then  when I would re-login again the board was pretty much empty.😥
      @texas_t and I've been using the chrome browser for the last few months. I can't find the link to the boards on the app. 
  • I have been having trouble with the app too, it says I need to login again all the time. But if I just skip it and go to the board, I’m already logged in 🤷🏻‍♀️
    But the threads are taking a long time to load, and I often have to refresh the whole thing or just flick it away and start again. 

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  • I had that problem with the app for a couple weeks...I couldn't like or post anything from my phone. But after I updated the app and logged back in, everything was fine. I know they just released another update, so could try that!!
  • Thought I was the only one having issues with the app! It seems to be working much better now....🤞
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