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ama/high risk thread for w/o 12/29

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1. How far along are you?
2. What brings you to this thread?
3. Any upcoming appointments?
4. Anything questions/concerns/thoughts?

@mimser It's anatomy scan day for you!!!! So close to your next milestone!  <3
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Re: ama/high risk thread for w/o 12/29

  • 1. How far along are you? 21+3
    2. What brings you to this thread? Twins
    3. Any upcoming appointments? Had an MFM appointment yesterday for 20 week scan and cervical length check and all was well. Nothing else until 1/7 but that's just for my 3 hour glucose. Next actual appointment is 1/12 for an OB check up. 
    4. Anything questions/concerns/thoughts? Nope! 

    Good luck today, @mimser!
  • 1. How far along are you? 22 Weeks tomorrow 😁
    2. What brings you to this thread? Autoimmune disorders (Hashimoto's and Antiphospholipid Syndrome), recurrent pregnancy loss, AMA
    3. Any upcoming appointments? OB appt. tomorrow, hematologist appt. in the new year
    4. Anything questions/concerns/thoughts? How is everyone organizing and tackling their baby-planning-to-do lists?? FTM here and feeling overwhelmed, lol 😅 my husband wants to do everything as cost-cutting/cost-effective as possible, which I'm not totally opposed to, but I also want to have fun planning for our first and if I like some splurge pieces, I just want to buy them without a 50-point analysis! Case in point, I really like the Larkin Extra Wide Dresser and Topper set from Pottery Barn. It's $1000.... I'm dreading even bringing the thought up to DH but think it would be a great LT investment piece since it also converts to a regular dresser... Oh the fun, Haha
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  • Yes @mimser -- good luck today!! ❤
  • @ruby0902 I'd make up a list of everything you need for baby and show everywhere you're conceding on cost to make up for the difference in price of what you really want, which is the bedroom set.  
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  • @ruby0902 What @texas_t says is a great idea. You must have a big budget, I couldn't dream of trying to bring up anything more than $200. Maybe there's a compromise on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist, that fits your style and his pocketbook. 
  • @ruby0902 everyone is different with different budgets and different priorities but here’s what we did for our first in case it helps at all. We set an overall budget for all of the baby things (I mean everything including diapers/wipes for the first year) and I made a spreadsheet to assign a budgeted dollar amount to each item to add up
    to that total. Obviously some things have more of a “set” price like diapers/necessities and for the other stuff I was okay spending less on some things and more on others and that was fine as long as it all came in at (or under) budget. Having that firm overall number made it easier for us to determine budget numbers for all of the items. I went through and budgeted all of the absolute necessities first and then my leftover amount went to things like my dream nursery furniture, swing/bouncer, etc. 
  • @ruby0902 Also, another thing to think about is whether or not you're planning on trying for more kids.  You may initially think the furniture will grow with your baby, but it may end up being just nursery furniture for a longggg time and you may choose to get other furniture for your growing kids. (I say this bc that's what we did, lol) 
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  • Thanks all for the quick feedback 👍 @texas_t - agreed!
    @gusgus14 - I really like the spreadsheet idea and am definitely going to employ that because I think it will help to balance both myself as well as my husband 😁 it will be good to see everything laid out and make sure neither of us is leaning too far to an extreme. 
    @littlelibelula - I do have a decent budget for baby, but even though the furniture set seems like a costly purchase, we're offsetting costs in lots of other areas! I have a $150 gift card to Pottery Barn and my parents want to pay for half as their baby gift, so I'd probably spend ~$350 out of my own pocket on the dresser/ changing table combo - not to say it isn't still a big purchase though!
    My husband and I are going to build our own crib (he's handy like that, not me 😂) and we're planning on buying a number of things used or accepting hand-me-downs from friends who have recently had children but aren't planning any more. This includes things like our bassinet, stroller, pack and play, clothes, bedding, baby monitor set, and maybe even car seat, as long as I'm getting the car seat from someone I know and trust. From what I researched, those are the bulk of the other "bigger purchases" so that should hopefully cut some significant costs.

    We dont have a full/separate room for her nursery either, just a small section of our living room we'll be commandeering and sectioning off, so I have to be really efficient with the furniture and space. Just thinking to have the crib, the dresser/changing table combo, and a lamp with some kind of comfy chair or rocking chair. 

    Ok, I'll stop rambling Haha. Thanks again for the spreadsheet idea, I like spreadsheets 😁
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    Thanks for the thoughts everybody ❤

    1. How far along are you? 20w1d

    2. What brings you to this thread? Previous 2nd trimester loss due to PPROM

    3. Any upcoming appointment? January 8 - MFM

    4. Anything questions/concerns/thoughts?Just waiting to pass my official loss milestone (Thursday) and then viability but after my good Anatomy scan today, I've been feeling very hopeful. 🤞There's a measurement that was just off the normal range on baby's kidney today so we will control that at 28 weeks, but from what I see we really are just off normal and they said they see it rather frequently in little boys and it resolves itself so I've strangely been feeling ok about this. I wish we got an A+, but I feel like we got an A- or B+ 😅 which is still very good. I look forward to hearing what my MFM has to say about it next week though.

    @ruby0902 I'm doing ok with my baby to-do list, I try to "accomplish" one thing a week. I'm pretty much done with my registry except for the diapering (I plan to do cloth), I'll return to it sometime in January. My fiancé did jump at the cost of the stroller I want, but we will probably get my cousin's Uppababy Vista so he might be saved there 😅 Other than that, he's almost done painting the nursery and should be tomorrow. And we're bringing in the rocking chair and dresser/changing table from my mom's this week (these are family furniture) and then I don't think we'll touch the nursery until March. Next weekend I'll probably make a reservation for our local hotel stay babymoon in early February.
  • 1. How far along are you? 22+3
    2. What brings you to this thread? AMA, previous pre-e, 4th c-section
    3. Any upcoming appointments? Jan 5, ECG for baby at MFM
    4. Anything questions/concerns/thoughts? I feel like the ecg will help clear things up and put baby in the ‘everything is fine’ category. She is so strong, very active, growing well, and everything other than a tilted heart is good. 
    Me on the other hand... starting to swell in a few places. Feeling uncomfortable like I’m in the 3rd trimester. Previous herniated belly button is causing pain, as is my scar, lower back, and boobs. I have a feeling that I’ll be begging for the docs to take baby out early!

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  • 1. How far along are you? 19+3
    2. What brings you to this thread? Diabetes 
    3. Any upcoming appointments? Today. With my regular ob. Next week anatomy scan with my mfm.  
    4. Anything questions/concerns/thoughts? None really. I have a list of questions for my ob. Hopefully I feel good asking them. My appointment got switched to virtual due to a covid outbreak in their office and they are closing to clean it. I’m glad they caught it before today. Hopefully everyone recovers quickly. 

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