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Breast redness

I am 12 weeks 4 days, and about 3ish weeks ago, I noticed that the inner part of my left breast looked flushed. No pain (other than both boobs being generally sore from pregnancy), not swollen, no change in skin texture, not itchy. Just looked flushed and pink. It's stayed mostly the same, maybe a bit lighter, during the last few weeks. I went to the OB this week expecting them to say that its hormonal, or pregnancy related in some way, but they seemed mystified and told me to follow up with my internist. I did that, and she didn't know what it was either, and sent me back to the OB. Saw a diff OB this morning, who is now sending me to a breast specialist out of an abundance of caution. Has anyone has this during pregnancy? I've now gone down a rabbit hole of Inflammatory Breast Cancer and am terrified. Getting an ultrasound tomorrow and then I guess seeing a specialist next week. 

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