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What is your favorite animal?  And what is a wild animal you would love to have as a pet if it wasn't impracticable/illegal?

Re: GTKY 12/22

  • Favorite animal... Dogs, gotta love the unconditional love from them :) 

    If I could have any animal as a pet.... Hmm... Beaver? Haha probably the least amenable animal to having in the house ever... It would totally eat my house to build it's own
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  • I think I would say a wolf for both questions, but this is a difficult one.n
  • I really love elephants. If I could pick an animal as a pet I think I would choose a sloth or a koala bear, they just seem like they would be super chill. 

  • A black bear for both questions! They are just so bumbly and cute! And those little fuzzy ears are more than I can handle!
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  • Tigers are my favorite animal and if they werent going to rip my head off I would have one as a pet. They look so fluffy and cuddly!
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  • Super hard! 
    I like raccoons (I really like rodents/lagomorphs, not in my house, like agouti/ñeque.) On second thought, my favourite animal is the agouti, so cute. 

    If I had a pet, I would choose an ocelot, like a cat, but prettier. 

  • @JessKo08 welcome back! I love giraffes!
  • I think my favorite animal is the dog and I would love to have a nice little cute pig!
  • I love sea turtles and tortoises. I really want to own a big, old tortoise I can grow old with haha. 

    Favorite animal that would be illegal to own but I just reallllly want one... a red panda. Holy moly why are they so adorable 😭
  • @brynn_mamaof4 red pandas are so freaking cute! 
  • @gusgus14 they are so adorable! They are my favorite at the zoo to watch. I’ve googled if you can own one and basically they’d destroy everything you own.. dang it haha 
  • Favorite animal: elephants. They stay in groups run by a matriarch and the boys get kicked out when they grow up. They just have so much affection and feelings for one another, and are so smart. 

    I think it would be fun to have a meerkat as a pet, they’re so cute! 

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  • @yellingbanana Meerkat!!!  I just have to say, they are so cute and awesome to watch and Timon from Lion King is awesome! 
  • this guy. Especially baby duck billed platypi (?). I want to visit Australia mostly to see one. 

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