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  • @gusgus14 so sorry about all the COVID crap! That really sucks. We were just contemplating last night if we should fly to Long Island Friday to spend the weekend with my fiancé’s family only because his mom is not doing well at all and doesn’t have a ton of time left, and if we admit her to the hospital we can’t visit her.. she has Alzheimer’s and I really don’t think will be here much longer but the thought of traveling through an airport and all the other factors has us worried, and he refuses to leave me alone on Christmas even though I told him he should go. He said maybe we should wait till Jan but a couple weeks won’t make a difference and if anything we will see a “spike” because of holidays. So tough everything we have to consider this year... being pregnant during a pandemic is no joke!! 
  • @gusgus14 so glad you have the reassurance of movement at least to hold you over til next week but still that really stinks!! and its nice youll get to at least "see" your mom even though its not the same.  

    @brynn_mamaof4 this time of year is obviously not ideal to travel (COVID or not) because there are SO many people, but in my opinion the travel restrictions are going to get worse over here (im right on border of NY) and i would hate to see your visitation here limited due to new restrictions that are most certainly going to be implemented after the holidays.  NY Governor has already all but confirmed there will be restrictions coming.  Just something to bear in mind-- i realize there isn't really a good answer to this situation for you (pregnant or not!!!)
  • @asf0613 I'm not feeling much movement yet! I just feel a little here and there and haven't felt much of anything the last couple of days. can't wait until I am feeling more so that I can have that reassurance. This is my least favorite part of pregnancy! Once I can feel them moving around regularly, I'll feel better. And yes, I'm glad we'll at least get to see her!

    @brynn_mamaof4 oh that's awful! I'm sorry you guys are having to make that decision. This probably sounds really morbid but I lost my dad unexpectedly last year and I'm honestly really glad it was last year and not this year because I wouldn't have been able to see him! Last year I was able to visit him for the week and a half he was in the hospital and was with him at the end. But yeah, I'd be freaked about flying right now, too.
  • I’m so sorry to hear about the covid rescheduling @gusgus14 it’s so discouraging. I hope they get you in on Monday! And I hope your mom’s boyfriend does not have covid! 

    @brynn_mamaof4 I’m sorry you have to make this decision and your fiancé’s mom isn’t doing well! I flew under sort of similar circumstances (to be with my dad after his mom passed) in September right before I got my positive pregnancy test. The crowds were definitely anxiety-inducing for me at the airport. And @asf0613 makes a great point about NY restrictions—you’ll want to check their travel site because they change all the time. Last time my mom went to NY in November she had to have a negative covid test on hand which was difficult because she had hardly any notice to get up there in time to be with her dad before he passed :( But she got a rapid test and it ended up being fine. 

    Aside from the restrictions, one benefit of waiting till January is at least the airports will likely be less crowded! Also some airlines are better than others (southwest made me feel SO safe and I highly recommend them...frontier not so much, which I should have predicted). 

    It’s a super tough time, and even harder being pregnant. Thinking and praying for all of our bump group to keep getting through this safely! 
  • Ugh so annoying @gusgus14! I'm also sure you're just about to feel a lot of movement. At 19 weeks here I am almost overwhelmed 😅 (not complaining AT ALL) so I can't imagine with two in there! There was a point last week where I didn't feel much or anything for maybe 36-48 hours and then it never stopped!
  • @mimser yeah I didn't feel anything at all until 22+ weeks last time! And one of my placentas might still be anterior. The movement I feel is mostly at night but it's just those occasional flutters. Of course I say I'm ready for strong movement but I'm sure once I have two fully rolling around in there I'll miss the quiet  :D I'm interested to see how it feels this time. My first really loved to stretch out in there but there's only so much room! 
  • @mimser I mean, I don't think you bought that much, lol!
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  • @texas_t thank you, that's what I needed to hear 😂
  • @mimser I thought the same as @texas_t ;) What are you gonna do with one bra and two pairs of undies? I support you in all your shopping adventures (and I get getting one thing at a time until you know what works for you...I feel like I get different kinds of underwear every other week to negotiate my bump and thighs).

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    @ec1212 haha it was an upgrade from my first maternity purchases! I have 2 other bras and several other undies 😅

    I'm glad everyone recognizes my efforts then 😜
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    @mrosek91 I guess it felt like a lot because I don't leave the house. Going out for me these days is going to the doctor's 😅

    @brynn_mamaof4 I know how unreal it feels. My grandmother had Alzheimer's. It feels weird to say that but she lived way too long through this... For 10 years, she laid in a bed, unable to speak, recognize anyone, eat or care for herself on her own. It was very sad. In a way, when they pass, you've already grieved part of your loss.
  • @brynn_mamaof4 so sorry to hear that and it's incredibly tough to watch.  My grandfather went through the same and it was heartbreaking for us and especially my mom
  • @brynn_mamaof4 I am so sorry. Alzheimer’s is a very hard disease. My grandma had it, by the time I was 10 she had no idea who I was. We took care of her every other weekend, and she thought we were her friends. So she’d say ‘I have to go home to my mother now and ask if I can stay for supper’. My mom had to sleep in the hallway so my grandma would leave at night. My grandma made it until I was 14, but her last year of life was not good. So I understand the pain and conflicting feelings. I’m sorry you are going through this during covid, it sure has made situations like this even more awful. My uncle passed a couple of weeks ago and it was 1 month from his cancer diagnoses to his passing. Covid stopped us from seeing him in person and it sure hurts. I’ll be praying for you and your family and hoping that she isn’t in too much pain. 

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  • @brynn_mamaof4 wow that is so tough! We are dealing with a very similar situation with DH's Grandma. She has been in and out of it for the last 2 years and most of the time now she doesn't know who any of us are. They finally put her in memory care this past week because she fell a few weeks ago and after they released her from the hospital back home, she wouldn't stay in bed and kept going upstairs but then couldn't figure out how to get down. It really is so sad but we are at the point too that we are hoping she doesn't suffer much longer. I hope you all are able to visit her soon! I agree with driving if you can, I can't imagine flying right now either.
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  • Looks so good @gusgus14 !
  • @gusgus14 yummm!!

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  • I think a cheeseboard is in order thanks to @gusgus14 🤤 
    Happy Holidays everyone! May you eat all of your favorite foods and enjoy your growing families ❤️

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