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PGAL Check-in 12/23

This thread is for those who are pregnant after a previous loss(es)

Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom? 

Previous loss(es)? 

How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? 

Any appointment updates? 


Any milestones coming up? 

GTKY: Any fun plans or traditions for Christmas this week?

Re: PGAL Check-in 12/23

  • Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom? 19w2d / May 17 / FTM (with my 20 week boy in my heart 💙)

    Previous loss(es)? 3 - 1 chemical, 1 blighted ovum, 1 2nd trimester loss due to PPROM

    How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? I'm doing reallg5good this week in terms of symptoms. I am doing good emotionally, but today I'm feeling the milestone approach and I've felt a little worried. Really enjoying feeling baby moving a lot these days so I have a good feeling he's doing good in there, just hoping my body keeps doing its part too 🤞

    Any appointment updates? Anatomy Scan in 2 weeks - hoping baby is doing and looking good and my cervix still looks good too!

    Rants/Raves/Questions? We just made delicious Greek butter cookies and I'm really working on not eating them all tonight 😬

    Any milestones coming up? 1 week away from the longest I've been pregnant and everything still going well. And then making it to viability.

    GTKY: Any fun plans or traditions for Christmas this week? Well, we have to change it up a little because of COVID. Christmas Eve will just be my fiancé and I, I'm planning a meal, we may do a quick Zoom with my mother, I have to confirm that. I think we'll give each other a few gifts. Then Christmas morning, we'll put our Christmas pyjamas on and maybe open another present, we may Zoom my mother at that time instead. Friday night is Zoom dinner with my MIL and her parents. I think my fiancé will do a gift drop off at his dad's too. Saturday, my mom will come over in the afternoon and we'll do an appetizer late lunch with her and open a few more gifts.
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