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HDBD 12/16! 🤰🏽

Didn’t see the thread go up yet so here it is! Let’s see those bumps! 


Re: HDBD 12/16! 🤰🏽

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  • @ccmrc143 I know it's so hard not to worry about every little things, but some people just carry small. I remember I was overdue with my first, and someone told me they thought I was only 7 months pregnant. Every one kept saying it's because it's your first, you'll get bigger every time, but here I am 18 weeks pregnant with #4, and I'm still fitting in non-maternity sweaters. Easier said than done, but try not to worry. 
  • @ccmrc143 FWIW my bump looks different every day and some days i look like i have much less than you!
  • @ccmrc143 I think because I’m so small, and my babies big, my bump always looks big. Whenever I go to the store now I get at least one person saying ‘you must be due any day now!’😑 no, not even close...  
    So yes, everyone carries different. My cousins wife never looks more than 4 or 5 months pregnant!

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  • @ccmrc143 with my first I didn’t really “pop” till like 24 weeks and it happened overnight I felt like! My ones thereafter I popped sooner and more so this time but I’m naturally on the slimmer side but birth 8-9 pound babies lol. Plus I’m still super constipated so I contribute that to a lot of my bump haha. 
  • @ccmrc143 My last pregnancy I never looked pregnant.  Like I had some of my patients that saw me daily my entire pregnancy never realize I was pregnant.  I didn't make an announcement to patients because there was another social worker to cover when I was out and I only met 1:1 with them 2x a year or as needed. Some of my patients asked me why I hid my pregnancy.  I never hid it.  I wore maternity clothes, but I'm plus size and never got a round belly.  I only have 1 pic of me very pregnant and full body.  I'll see if I can find it and post it.  I guess I could also take a bump pic, but I just feel I look a little more pudgy around the middle and a little thinner in the face.  I had a few coworkers comment that I had lost weight when I was pregnant recently and I haven't, it just shifted to my boobs  :smiley:

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  • Sorta late to the party .. 17+1
  • @ccmrc143 totally get how you feel... I know I'm at the trail end of May, so a few weeks behind most of you and a FTM, but I also don't have much bump happening yet. I did read an article on the bump recently about how there's so many things that go into how your bump looks (i.e. FTM, height, weight, fitness level pre-pregnancy, how the baby is sitting, etc.), Which made me feel better :) also, we can get away with our normal clothes for longer! Yay! Don't worry, once we get to the waddling around stage, I'm sure we'll think back to this and wish we still had a small bump. Haha 
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