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Canadian mom's check-in

So I was lurking in another birth month group and saw this Canadian mom's thread and thought it was an awesome idea! This is a great place to ask those questions Canada specific! 

Let’s have an introduction 

ages of other children: 
what part of Canada are you from?:
any questions?:
GTKY what’s your favourite winter activity for those Canadian Winters?:

Re: Canadian mom's check-in

  • carodukecaroduke member
    edited December 2020
    ages of other children: just a 9 year old chocolate lab
    what part of Canada are you from?: Kinda been all over... Grew up in BC, lived in ON, QC, BC again, SK, MB and just moved to Alberta this summer 

    any questions?: Did any of the rest of you guys get NIST testing? My OB said almost no one here gets it so she didn't really know how to get that set up for me and had to look into it. I had to just last week send blood to the States to get tested... Waiting for the results now. 

    GTKY what’s your favourite winter activity for those Canadian Winters?: Ooo so many to choose from... Loved snowboarding growing up, but after moving East with no real mountains, I picked up snowshoeing... Also lovd pond skating... So hard to chose which winter thing I like best! 
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    @caroduke I'm a borderline May/June so I joined June just to participate in the Canadian mom thread. 😁

    : STM
    Ages of other children: 1, 14 month DS
    What part of Canada are you from?: Winnipeg for 25+ years. (But I'm an ExPat, and live in Panama) My sister is having a February baby in rural Manitoba. 
    Any questions?:
    GTKY what’s your favourite winter activity for those Canadian Winters?: I like Snow, so I guess Snowmen and snowballs. 
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  • @littlelibelula yup, that June group was the one I was creeping on... Being due May 31st, I  have lurked in there a few times. 
  • FTM/STM/STM+: FTM with my 20 week boy in my heart 💙 + a 3 years old beagle 

    ages of other children: N/A 

    what part of Canada are you from?: I'm from Montreal, QC

    any questions?: NATM

    GTKY what’s your favourite winter activity for those Canadian Winters?: I used to ski back with my previous boyfriend. I learned at around 20 years old and enjoyed it as a couple weekend activity. First time in my life I was happy with snowstorms! Now I think I haven't skied in like...6 years as my fiancé is Greek and claims people from the south don't do winter sports. 😅 Other than that I've been ice skating since I was 3. 

    @caroduke yes it's not that common to do NIPT here, unless you go to a private clinic. I know that in Quebec they started offering Fetal DNA testing if you got a high risk with the government test, instead of going straight to an amnio. I actually got it done during my last pregnancy because I do my prenatal testing at a private clinic and when you get a moderate or high risk test they automatically have you do the NIPT. It all turned out ok but the lab was in the states indeed.
  • @mimser cool, thanks! Yeah, I guess in Alberta, it's so rare to ask for NIST that it's all privatized testing. Glad I got it done though... Any peace of mind is worth it in my opinion. Also... I lived in MTL for a few years about a decade ago. Loved that city! 
  • Does Seattle count? Lol, I wish 😆 so cool to have a handful of you Canadian ladies❤️

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  • @caroduke glad you liked it in MTL. I really love it here and don't see myself ever leaving! I haven't been out west yet, but I'd love to travel there someday!
  • @yellingbanana Seattle is pretty close! Feel free to join us with our free medical care and lots of snow... Haha. I'm staring out my window now at it snowing... It's going to be a white Christmas! 
  • Dunno if any of you ladies need maternity clothes, but boxing day sales are up! Have you found any good ones?

    H&M has 20% off site wide, so I picked up some leggings and shirts. Any other worthwhile sales out there?
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