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Weekly Appointments 12/21

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  • @texas_t good job advocating for yourself to skip the first step!  and i'm sure you must be feeling a bit nervous understandably, but think of it this way...you get to see Eli an extra time now!!  how soon can you get in with MFM?
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  • @asf0613 My appointment is Jan 12th, but I asked them to put me on the cancellation list because I'm pretty flexible! 
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  • @texas_t fingers crossed something opens up sooner!!
  • So happy to hear Eli is moving around so much and has a strong heartbeat @texas_t ! Hopefully they get you in before Jan 12 and maybe these pics will be a bit better. Yay for skipping the 1 hour glucose test! 
  • Oh @texas_t I know it's so much easier said then done, but sounds like there's nothing to worry about! They just couldn't view what they needed to properly! Glad everything they were able to see looks great and that Eli is happily swimming around in there!
  • Great news about your placenta @ccmrc143 !
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