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New here - introduction (IUI cycles)

Hi all! I wanted to introduce myself and see if any others are experiencing similar things. 

I’m on my 4th fertility treatment cycle. Been TTC for 1.5 years, over 35 years old, unexplained infertility. First cycle, we were going to try IUI but after all the initial ultrasounds and taking femara, discovered I needed to have a polyp surgically removed. Second cycle, did femara again with timed intercourse because, to be honest, I didn’t really know how invasive an IUI was and was scared. So I wanted to see, with just regulating my cycle and ensuring we knew precisely when I was ovulating and that I did in fact ovulate, if we could have success. Third cycle, we did go through with the fertility meds and an IUI. Fourth (and current) cycle, we are doing another IUI. I have my follicle monitoring appointment tomorrow. 

I’m trying hard to keep positive. There’s so many doctor appointments that I feel like it’s just the norm now to be poked and prodded. I know when you actually do become pregnant, that continues but you have a beautiful little reason for all of that. So for now, I’m starting to feel exhaustion with it but trying to stay positive. 

I know if this cycle doesn’t result in a BFP, we are probably going to take a pause on this journey, due to financial and emotional reasons. So while I’m trying not to add more pressure, it’s there. 

I think, especially, dealing with infertility during COVID times where doctors aren’t even allowing husbands to be present for appointments (at least mine isn’t), this whole journey can feel really lonely at times. My husband is great and wants to be involved, but going to all the appointments alone is hard. I start to feel like I’m trying by myself, which I know isn’t the case but just can’t help but feel that way at times. 

All in all, it is an exciting time in our lives and we can’t wait to be parents, and going through this journey is challenging but also interesting and life changing. I know I’m going through this as a purpose, that maybe someday another who is going through something similar can come and confide in me and I’ll be able to help them along their journey as well. I hope all of you know I do think of you and your struggles often. Sending you love and best wishes wherever you might be on your journeys!

ps-ive finally discovered on my 4th time taking femara that if I take it close to bedtime, I feel much less of the dizzy/light headed and headache side effects. Just a tip in case anyone else reading this might be experiencing something similar. 

Re: New here - introduction (IUI cycles)

  • @js4157 welcome! I wish I were welcoming you to a better club, but here we are. This journey can feel so lonely 🙁 but know that you’re not alone! This forum is really helpful, especially when you’re feeling like the only one in the world going through this. I did 2 IUIs, and then onto IVF - I’m on my 2nd transfer right now. Join the monthly groups, they have a lot of activity / responses. Best of luck to you and your husband 🙂
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