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Monday's Random Thoughts

Thought I would start this since I have a couple!

Re: Monday's Random Thoughts

  • Here is my random thought/concern.

    I want to put a trigger warning in this too (sorry, I can't do the box on my phone).

    Does anyone else feel like the are just constantly thinking about what if this is not a viable pregnancy. Maybe it is because if my age, prior loss, or because the pregnancy was so unexpected. However, I feel all I have done in the last few days is over analyze every feeling/symptom and run to Google to see what it says. I hope this gets better when I get my beta results today. I just want to relax and enjoy this pregnancy.
  • 100% there with you @herewegoagain3rd . I honestly don't know when it will get better and I'll feel "safe". I want to be able to just enjoy this, but it's hard. 
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  • @herewegoagain3rd. I understand that 100%. Even though my betas came back great. I’m still super nervous and anxiously waiting for our appointment in the 23rd. 

    Every time I go to pee, I’m analyzing the toilet paper afterwards. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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  • @TCUFrog08 Same. Hopefully the time will pass by quickly with the holidays approaching. 
  • @TCUFrog08 I did the same with my second and now with this one too.

    My doctor called with my betas tonight. I am somewhere around 4 weeks 5 days (I ovulate late so probably not that far) and my number was 48.2 and 9 something for progesterone. I know you can't tell anything from one number except that I am actually pregnant lol. They put me on progesterone again ( already knew they would). So I am trying to stay positive.
  • For my fellow IVFers, I found this study to be comforting re: miscarriage and betas. It basically says if you have a reasonably high beta your chance is pretty low of miscarriage. With DD I was so super duper stressed about everything because it took a year to conceive and then they found a complex cyst and thought I might have cancer - even said we might have to terminate! So I was a nervous wreck until 20 weeks when they decided it was ok to wait till after she was born. This time I'm determined to just enjoy it and not stress, kinda like my do-over. So I totally get the anxiety but trying to be zen - at the end of the day all we can do is take good care of ourselves and hope for the best! Hope all of these first ultrasounds turn out well! <3 Hang in there.
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  • Thanks @claireloSC.

    ***TW someone else's pregnancy loss: My best friend has suffered multiple miscarriages, and has yet to carry a pregnancy to term. Before we transferred our embryo, I asked her, honestly, if she had the choice, would she rather have never been pregnant or to have gone through her multiple losses. She said she'd pick the losses every time, because she got to have her babies, even for just a little bit.***

     I know that's not everyone's experience, but that made me feel better-knowing that it's okay to love and be excited about a pregnancy. She is also fond of reminding me to say "Today I am pregnant".  I'm trying to make that my mantra.
  • @TCUFrog08 Omg.  yes.  Every time I pee I'm looking for something.  
    I've had two miscarriages and spotted for the first 12 weeks with my daughter after that.  
    @herewegoagain3rd All I can do it worry too.  All due to my history and my health anxiety.  It's awful!  I hate wishing away time.. especially at this time of year but these next few weeks are going to be tough.


  • Yes, I say that too! "Today I am pregnant"! Love it. Glad we all have each other at least so you know you're not alone in your worries!  <3
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  • I say that to myself every day “Today I am pregnant”. It’s so crazy how my 1st, I didn’t worry this much about this stuff. Now it’s all consuming. 

    Thank you ladies! 
    34 Mother of 4 year old and 2 Labs. Happily Married to my Hubs of 6 years.
  • So much solidarity! 
    My first pregnancy ended in MC at 9 weeks. I started spotting on Christmas Day, and I miscarried about a week and a half later. I have had two babies since then, but I still haven’t lost the anxiety that my first pregnancy brought. To top it all off, I have the EXACT same due date with this pregnancy as I did with my first. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s messing with my head!
  • Anyone else running around to get holiday tasks done before any possible morning sickness and fatigue set in? I’ve been a machine this weekend trying to get through my to do list while I still feel OK so I’m not super sick and exhausted and trying to do last minute holiday errands. Unfortunately that included a Sunday Costco run where I wanted to check out for an hour. 😫
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    We may want to start a PGAL thread. There seems to be a lot of us and we can openly discuss our fears and anxiety without needing a TW. 

    @surrenderdorothy I finished up the kids Christmas stuff yesterday. Now I need to work on the in-laws and DH but that will all be done online and shipped. What I would really like to do before the MS really hits is make a bunch of freezer meals so I can have some healthy food to just toss in the crockpot or oven. Or maybe some snacks that I know will settle my stomach. 

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     I have the exact same due date now as I did with my second loss in 2017! August 8th..
     It is also messing with me.  I don't know if that is supposed to be good vibes or bad... My husband took it as a good thing.  Like that baby coming back to us somehow.  I wish I had his optimism sometimes!


  • @ladyk127, what are the odds? I also had the same thought. Like, is this a good sign, or...? Such a mind game! 
  • @surrenderdorothy totally! I finished up the last assignments of this semester today (I'm in a master's program, also working) and all my shopping and now I'm ready to feel like trash and go to bed at 7PM! Lol. 
    @emeraldcity1214 there's a PGAI thread but feel free to start a PGAL too!
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  • @claireloSC same! Cleaning up the kitchen then it is bed at 7:45 for me. I can’t wait. After a long and busy day I’m pooped. 
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