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Dr not supportive .. advice needed...

I am currently 31 weeks..So i had minimal options on my providers because they only take a certain amount of Medicaid patients.. the month i am due was already full at many places..
I was unaware that a vbac after 2 c sections was even possible but after extensive research i discovered i could be a candidate. I asked my OB about it and she immediately shot me down and said they dont do them after 2 c sections.. without asking about my prior history or even thinking to check my scar tissue...(i was a teenager when i had both of my babies, i am now a 25 year old woman.)
I am at a loss what to do.. its been 8 years since i had a c section and i absolutely believe my body can handle it but my OB is not on board and i cant find another provider to take me.. i do not want to lose all the feeling i have gained back in my stomach or be torn open again.. its traumatic.. does anyone have any advice on what i should do ? I cant afford an at home birth with a midwife.. they also believe i have gestational diabetes but my levels are never over the limit , if anything they remain fairly low. I do not like the drs office i am attending but it was my only option... if i go into natural labor before my c section date and the baby is just ready to come out, can they force me to have a c section even if there is no complications...? Im at a loss....

Re: Dr not supportive .. advice needed...

  • I don't believe they can force you, they will likely try to scare you with a bunch of paperwork about going against medical advice.  Are their other doctors in the practice you can speak with?

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    You have to consent to any procedure. However there is a risk of uterine rupture and death with a vbac. I don’t tell you that to scare you. It’s a risk with any vbac. The more c sections you have the greater that risk in an attempted vbac. Not all drs even do vbac because of the increased risks. If they say no, I’d ask them what their concerns are with a vbac and tell them what your concerns are for another c section. It can help you to get on the same page and feel better about your birth. 

    ETA: in emergency situations they may do procedures to save your life without consent but will generally try to get consent from your next of kin 

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