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Weekly Check-In 11/29

Hi Ladies,

How ya feeling?

Any appointments coming up?


GTKY: What's on your holiday wish list?
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Re: Weekly Check-In 11/29

  • How ya feeling? Mostly alright, which makes me nervous. I know I'll be miserable if I get really bad morning sickness, but right now I just want every confirmation that I'm really pregnant. I have some minor nausea and mild cramping, but nothing crazy. 

    Any appointments coming up? First ultrasound on Friday. 🤞

    Rants/Raves: Not really a rant, but im so impatient for online orders to come. I watch the tracking like a crazy person, even though I know my purchase isn't coming for several more days. 

    Rave: Today is my birthday! 

    GTKY: What's on your holiday wish list?
    Maybe an instapot? DH and I don't buy each other presents. There are some home updates we want to do, and I'm hoping we can start on them. 
  • How ya feeling?
    Feeling pretty good so far! I am extra tired and I am nauseous in the morning which is then replaced by sore boobs in the evening. Some minor cramping which always makes me nervous! 

    Any appointments coming up?

    I am calling on Monday. I am considered high risk and with my last pregnancy I was going once a week for an ultrasound because I was with a RE until 12 weeks. I am not sure what will happen this time. If I just see my OB or do I need to see the RE again (haven't been back since I graduated)? If anyone knows, let me know!!

    None right now. I am a little nervous how a new baby is going to affect my toddler who is very attached to me.

    GTKY: What's on your holiday wish list?
    I never know! I do wanted to renew my Longwood Gardens membership. Oh, I know, a maid for a day! Lol
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  • @shoogapoff Happy Birthday!! 

    How ya feeling? Feeling good. Some really sore breast and bouts of nausea that are short lived. I’m okay with that!! 

    Any appointments coming up? Nothing. Had my HCG levels checked Wednesday and Friday. Progressed Nicely. Waiting to hear from my OB about my progesterone levels. 

    Rants/Raves: Ready for my Co-Worker to be back! She was out last week and this upcoming week. I miss her help!! LOL 

    GTKY: What's on your holiday wish list? Apple Air Pods.  LOL 
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    1. How ya feeling? - Massive headache that started yesterday, sucks that none of my migraine meds are pregnancy safe. Otherwise, my boobs hurt, some cramping, and some little bouts of nausea but not feeling too bad! I had never-ending morning sickness with DD so hoping this is less intense!
    2. Any appointments coming up? - First ultrasound will be next week, on my birthday!
    3. Rants/Raves: Rave - Made a waffle out of leftover stuffing last night. It was amazing. 
    4. GTKY: What's on your holiday wish list? I really don't need much! Maybe some books or a better office chair? I'm in a master program on top of working full time so I'm sitting down at my desk (working from home till July at least) like 12 or 14 hours a day. It's killing me.
    Happy birthday @shoogapoff!
    @herewegoagain3rd I think you only need the RE if there are concerns about maintaining a pregnancy, otherwise, you can go straight to OB!
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  • Good morning Ladies!

    How ya feeling? Nervous bc I have some brown spotting today at 5w....hopefully nothing

    Any appointments coming up? My first US is 12.10 at 5w6d

    Rants/Raves: Why is IVF such a mind f*ck? haha 

    GTKY: What's on your holiday wish list? I think I want the airpods????
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    Dx: MFI + Mild PCOS (AMH 6.9)

    IVF Journey:
    ER #1: 6/18/19; 15R/11M/9F/6 FROZEN 👶🏼 un-tested
    FET 1: 8/01/19, Beta 8/14 = 9...Chemical pregnancy (transferred 2)
    FET 2: 12/19/19...Negative Beta 12/30 (transferred 1)

    Changed Clinics
    FET 3: 3/9/20, Beta #1, 37, Beta #2, 26, Beta #3 51 - Chemical pregnancy (transferred 2)

    ER #2: 6/2/2020; 31R/26M/18F/13 sent for PGS Testing
    6 PGS Normal Embryos - 3 girls👶🏼 + 3 boys👶🏼
    FET 4: 7/30/20, Beta 1:66    Beta 2: 110...Ectopic pregnancy @ 6 weeks with Male (transferred 1)
    FET 5: 11/18/20, Beta 1: 97 Beta 2: 384 Beta 3: 1010....Miscarriage @ 7 weeks with Female (transferred 1)
    FET 6: 3/9/21 - Canceled due to poor lining response
    FET 6.5: 7/28/21 - Beta 1: 21.5  Beta 2: 31.4   Beta 3:  28 - Chemical pregnancy, Female (transferred 1)
    FET 7: 12/8/21 - Beta 1: 9   Beta 2:        - Chemical pregnancy, Male+? (transferred 2)
  • Excited to see you join us from the Infertility board @ashleyhj29! Spotting is probs ok!
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  • @ashleyhj29 yay for another IVFer! It *is* a mf for sure. @claireloSC (and other ivfers) should we start the PGAIF thread? I think there are enough of us and we could vent our infertility brain struggles. 

    AFM: I had my 1st ultrasound today at 5w5d. Everything looked good, which is a huge relief. But I'm not going back until January 11th, when I'll be 11 weeks! I was really surprised, since everyone else seems to get closer monitoring from an RE, but oh well. That's supposed to be my graduation appointment, so yay for that!
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    @claireloSC that waffle looks amazzzzzing. Why did I not know this was a thing? Stuffing is my favorite part of thanksgiving. I may have to make some just to try this out. 

    How ya feeling?: pretty good! Mild cramping and still bloated but no nausea... yet. 

    Any appointments coming up? Nope. Hoping to schedule for 8 weeks on Monday. 

    Rants/Raves: we finally have ‘cold’-ish weather and I am loving it. Since we are not traveling for the holidays this year I’m really doubling down on decorating and getting into the Christmas spirit. The cold weather definitely helps. 

    GTKY: What's on your holiday wish list? I love kitchen gadgets. Since deli meat is our for a while I’d love a deli slicer so we can roast meats for sandwiches. I also need a new waffle iron (@claireloSC do you like yours?). I bought my Christmas gift to myself (opal ice-maker) over prime day in October and I’m so glad I did because I know it will come in handy now that I’m not drinking. 

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    @shoogapoff So glad your ultrasound went well! 
  • Same @shoogapoff and def start that thread if you'd like! <3 DW has a big interview on the same day as ultrasound and we don't have childcare that day so I may have to move my ultrasound appt, so I'm a bit disappointed. Some nausea is kicking in though so hopeful all will look well anyway!
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
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