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I’m just here for the SEX!!!

I thought since quite a few of us now have had their NIPT draw done or having it done very soon, we could use this to post the results in.



Re: I’m just here for the SEX!!!

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  • @legallykate aww yay a boy! Congrats. 💙
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  • @legallykate Congratulations! Now you will have one of each :smiley:

    Me: 36, DH: 38, Together since: 2006, Married: 9/2011 
    **TW Living Child**

    BFP 9/19/20 - EDD - 6/1/21

    BFP 2/2014 - DS - 10/2014

  • @mamakate2011 fingers crossed that it's true! I have two boys and am really hoping this is a girl so I can definitively be done having kids  :D

  • @mrsrundmc Yay! to girls. Congratulations 👏 
  • @mrsrundmc congratulations! 
    Me: 36, DH: 38, Together since: 2006, Married: 9/2011 
    **TW Living Child**

    BFP 9/19/20 - EDD - 6/1/21

    BFP 2/2014 - DS - 10/2014

  • @sgrn18 congrats!! Brothers are so much fun!! I'm kind of hoping for one more boy myself!
    @klj0228 I was worried like that before finding out with DS2... but I think as soon as I found out I was so excited that the disappointment didn't happen. Give yourself space to feel what you feel ♥️
  • @ramzlau to answer your question about making a poll. This is how it’s done: 

    Click on the little arrow beside “New Discussion” on top of the page. Then click on “New Poll”. *like example* 

    Once you click on New Poll. A new page like this will pop up. Just fill in the main question you want to ask and then the poll options and then hit “Save Poll”. I hope this helps answers your question and what you were looking for and that you manage to get it to work. 

  • How long did everyone’s NIPT results take to come back? Got my blood drawn Monday and I’m SOOO antsy! Really hope to have by Friday so maybe we can look for my husbands bday on Saturday. 
  • @kaw726 I had mine last Tuesday late afternoon and my results were in by Monday morning. Don’t count on them being in for his birthday, but it is a possibility for sure.
  • I dont know about doing NIPT. This is my first pregnancy that's gotten this far, and the only time in the child's life we don't know the gender. It's kind of nice not to think of it as a boy or a girl for now, just our little peanut :) 
     But it's also super exciting when you do find out the gender! Congrats to all on the boys and girls! 👶
  • Mine took 12 days but I actually think they had results 8 days after but they came in on a Friday so they didn’t call. 
  • With DS I received my results just over a week after the blood draw.  I'll have the NIPT at my first OB appt on 12/1.  I can't wait to find out the gender!!
    History and blog link in spoiler
    2016 - dx with super low ovarian reserve; failed cycle with clomid, failed IUI, 
    2017 - egg retrieval #1 - 3 eggs, 0 embryos appropriate for transfer; ER #2 2 eggs, 0 embryos on day 3; ER #3 1 egg 0 embryos
    moved to donor egg in summer 2017; 35 eggs retrieved; 19 fertilized; 9 total embryos
    Fresh transfer Dec 2017= BFP!  baby boy born 8/22/18

    May 2019 - surprise natural pregnancy ended in MC
    Nov 2019 FET; MC at 9 weeks
    May 2020 FET; BFN
    July 2020 FET; CP treated with methotrexate
    Oct 2020 BFP! 

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  • @mamakate2011 woohoo!!! Congrats on your healthy GIRL!!!!! 🎀
  • @mamakate2011 I am so excited for you to have your girl! They are amazing wonders! And yay for low risk! That is what has us worried a bit, I get my results next week. 
    Me: 36  DH: 41
    Married 5/28/12
    7/2014 BFP #1 - MC 7/28/14
    TTC Since 10/2015
    10/2016 RE appt
    10/2016 Dx Elevated prolactin
    11/2016 HSG results - all normal
    1/2017 SA results - all normal
    4/2017 Dx Elevated TSH 2.6
    5/2017 Dx Chronic Endometritis 
    5/2017 IUI #1
    6/2017 BFP #2: Beta#1 220, Beta#2 550, U/S 6/26 with heartbeat, Born Feb 2018
    TFAS Since 10/2019
    10/2019 BFP #3: Beta#1 25  (16DPO) - MC 10/2019
    11/2019 RE appt - TSH & Prolactin normal
    12/2019 ABX & IUI #1, Negative HPT
    1/2020 IUI #2, Negative HPT
    2/2020 IUI #3 Negative HPT
    3/2020 Cyst developed, Two week BC IUI #4 Cancelled due to Covid
    6/2020 Benched for 3 months
    8/2020 IUI #5 back to back IUI, Negative HPT
    9/2020 IUI #6 BFP #4 12DPO, Beta #1 78 13DPO, Beta #2 178 15DPO, elevated TSH, Beta #3 2458 21DPO, U/S 10/14 w heartbeat!

  • @mamakate2011 haha yess
     I knew it all along. 😉 Congratulations on your first girl and a clear NIPT!! 
  • @mamakate2011 So excited for you, baby girls are wonderful!
    *TTC History*

    Me: 37, MH: 38; Married August 2017

    TTC #1 October 2017: BFP on 12/1/2017, DD born 7/24/2018 @ 37+1 after induction due to preeclampsia

    TTC #2 January 2020: AMA, dx with DOR in May 2020

    IVF July 2020: 16 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 12 fertilized, 3 blasts, 2 PGT-A normal

    FET 10/7/20: BFP on 10/12/20!!! (EDD 6/25/21); First beta 10/16/20 (9dpt): 148; Second beta 10/19/20 (12dpt): 621; Third beta 10/26/20 (19dpt): 4732; Fourth (and final!) beta 11/2/20 (26 dpt): 22,000+

  • @mamakate2011 I was feeling it was a girl for you all along! Happy to see good NIPT news and confirmation of the sex. Now mommy can be a little less outnumbered 
  • @mamakate2011 congrats on your first girl!
    Me: 36, DH: 38, Together since: 2006, Married: 9/2011 
    **TW Living Child**

    BFP 9/19/20 - EDD - 6/1/21

    BFP 2/2014 - DS - 10/2014

  • @kaw726 congratulations! Wow 4 days? That was fast. I hope mine comes back that quickly lol 
  • @kaw726 4 days, I'm jealous! I got my boss draw on Monday, but no results yet.  Hoping for results by Thanksgiving! Downside of being on the east coast is the note had to be shipped to the Natera lab on the west coast.
    Me: 36, DH: 38, Together since: 2006, Married: 9/2011 
    **TW Living Child**

    BFP 9/19/20 - EDD - 6/1/21

    BFP 2/2014 - DS - 10/2014

  • @DoubleUp8 I used Natera with my DS and I got the results in about 9-10 days (including 4 weekend days as I got it on a Sunday!) and it was shipped from Europe. So FX you get yours soon!!

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @AKuzReve that's great turn around! I had a local fried who got it done recently and it took 9 days. So I'm hoping for Wednesday, and if it's sooner, great! But Wednesday feels like forever away!
    Me: 36, DH: 38, Together since: 2006, Married: 9/2011 
    **TW Living Child**

    BFP 9/19/20 - EDD - 6/1/21

    BFP 2/2014 - DS - 10/2014

  • @DoubleUp8 congrats!! Brothers are so much fun!!
  • @ramzlau I have been coming back here to see if you had posted all morning! Yay for a baby brother!! 
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