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Unhappy family

Good morning all, hope this message finds u well. Here is my dilemma.  I feel my family will not be happy about my pregnancy announcement.  I’m 42 in 1 month sec baby my husband and I are over the moon! We r very financially stable. We never asked for help.  I just don’t want to tell them at all. W my first we told my family at 7 months. I feel ppl are fake happy and do things out of obligation. 

I don’t want to tell them about pregnancy at all or even tell them when I have the baby. This is sad... thoughts? Suggestions 

Re: Unhappy family

  • First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! Its wonderful you're expecting again and you and DH are so happy. 

    It's a shame your family may not be happy for you, but what matters is that you are happy. You can't control what other people do.

    Do you have any friends or community that can be happy for you and support you emotionally during the pregnancy? Lots of people don't have a good relationship with family of origin, so they form a family of choice.
  • Yes I do have Freinds that support us and are happy for us. The funny thing is I have good relationship w my family but  I’m in a interracial relationship and they treat our son well accept him....but I feel a lot is obligatory 
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