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Retained Tissue...Damn It

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know where else to turn. Long story short, I’ve been going through the waves of a naturally managed missed miscarriage since July. As you guys can attest, it's f*cking awful.  Each time I see the doctor, some tissue has remained despite expelling the pregnancy tissue, getting a negative pregnancy test and having my first period. I believe it’s just left over tissue from my uterine lining. 

The doctor explained to me today that I still have some minor minor tissue left over, but he doesn’t think it will cause me any problems in terms of an infection. It’s so small he doesn’t feel comfortable operating or giving me any kind of medication. He also said it won’t interfere with a future pregnancy if I’m lucky and can begin trying if I'm ready...

I’m petrified. What if it does interfere? What if I get an infection and miscarry? Has anyone been in a similar situation? I feel very lost.  Can use any advise...

Thanks so much 3

Re: Retained Tissue...Damn It

  • *** not if i'm lucky it wont effect me.. i'f i'm fortunate enough to become pregnant again 
  • I'm sorry for your loss, and that you're going through all this crap because of it.  Maybe you should consider going to another doctor for a second opinion?  I know that some people have had issues with having retained tissue so had to have second/third doses of the abortive drugs, and some have had to have second/third D&Cs to get all the tissue.  I know it can cause problems later/infections.  But you're going to have to trust your doctor on how much tissue remaining is ok, and if it's worth maybe having a D&C to remove it all (which has it's own risks).  I'd really consider a second opinion if you are uncertain!!!!
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