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Antiphospholipid Syndrome or Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies?

Hey all - I've been ghosting this board for the past month or so and am hoping for some input/experience!

I had two miscarriages in a row (last one in June) with no live children, and I was fortunate enough to have an OB who agreed to pursue recurrent pregnancy loss testing. Since then, I've tested positive for lupus anticoagulant syndrome, antiphospholipid syndrome (cardiolipin ab was high), as well as a very high reading on my thyroid peroxidase antibodies. Further thyroid testing also shows high TSH (almost 5.0) but normal T3 and T4 for now. Hashimoto's runs in my family. 

It was good that I was able to find some things out with the testing, but now it seems I have some pretty serious autoimmune disorders to get under control before ttc again. I was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with any of these and gone on to have healthy babies?

I'm assuming I'm going to be high risk next time I get pregnant and since I'm at the beginning of this new journey, would love to hear what anyone with a similar situation learned or what types of treatment/lifestyle changes were made to support a healthy pregnancy with these conditions? Keeping fx that 3rd time will be the charm! Thanks for your input. 

Re: Antiphospholipid Syndrome or Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies?

  • I was diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome with my Lupus diagnosis. I am currently pregnant for the first time and am now 33 weeks! I think it is important for the doctor to be aware, and it was enough for me to get referred to high risk OB. They have me taking a baby aspirin the entirety of pregnancy, and I am seen more often (weekly now). But so far no complications.
    of course I am having a different experience as I’ve never been pregnant or had a miscarriage before. Definitely talk to doctors and autoimmune specialists before getting pregnant again to set yourself up well.
    im so sorry for your experience and then to find out all of this. I hope for a healthy baby in your future <3
  • Thanks @Emily Browning! I have a follow up with my hematologist this week to discuss my test results and hear his recommendations for treatment so fx! It's been a rollercoaster these past few months but I'm trying to remain hopeful and address as many issues as I can prior to ttc again. Hoping to be back into ttc before the end of this year.

    Congrats on your first pregnancy!! So happy and excited for you and I hope everything continues to go smoothly 😁❤ best of luck in your 3rd trimester!
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  • I also have antiphospholipid syndrome. I had my DS before we knew this. My DS was born early due to severe preeclampsia. He had a stroke in utero. He's currently 8.5 and amazing. You wouldn't know anything was different about him. He has learning difficulties, motor planning, and speech. He's in regular Ed with supports and is a really typical kid. 

    Currently I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I am on lovenox daily since 6 weeks and will continue until approximately 6 weeks post delivery. I take a baby aspirin daily as well. I am also on blood pressure medication and take my pressure daily... Sometimes more than that. I'm seen monthly by an MFM (with an u/s) and monthly by an OB, so roughly every 2 weeks. After I get to 24w it might be more frequent. After I get to 28w I'll see the mfn every 2 weeks. Then at 32 weeks, I'll see someone weekly. At 34w possibly 2x/week. That plan may change as I go depending on how things are looking. But for now that's the plan. 

    My next appointment is on the 20th for my 24w u/s. 

  • Thanks for sharing your story @mrsV719! Congrats on your beautiful family and the coming of your 2nd child - sounds like you have a solid plan to mitigate risks and I wish you the best ♡

    My husband and I are getting ready to start ttc in again in Dec, and I'm feeling optimistic! Through the battery of testing I completed this summer after MC#2, I tested positive for both lupus anticoagulant antibodies, as well the antibodies for Hashimotos and a slightly elevated TSH of 3.0. I started at the beginning of November on 50mcg/day of synthroid to bring my TSH levels down and have also been instructed to start daily baby aspirin and lovenox shots as soon as I get my first positive pregnancy test. So fingers crossed for try #3!

    How did you decide on your treatment plan for your HRP? Did you decide on your own to seek out the MFM or did your OB suggest it? What kind of intervention or adjustments can they provide if something seems off?

    I feel like I need to cross the first bridge of just getting pregnant again, but with some of my issues identified, I'm also interested in being as proactive as possible to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I know a lot is out of my control, but we're going to keep fighting 🙂
  • I actually sought out the MFM and ended up switching OBs to be a part of the same practice. I found the MFM through the preeclampsia foundation local boards. She came highly recommended and her one of her specialties in high risk pregnancies is preeclampsia. I connected with a few others who had been through second pregnancies with her and felt confident that she was who I wanted. 

    Then when I wanted to meet with her, they said I needed to be a patient in their practice so I switched. 

    In terms of interventions they can do... I'm not entirely sure about everything. I know they can up my bp meds, put me on a bed rest situation to reduce stress, watch me more closely, start magnesium, etc. She is looking at things they didn't look at before. For example, she showed me my placenta last time at the U/S and said that if they start to see black spots in it, it could be a sign of preeclampsia. As of last u/s there were no spots. They'll monitor my urine for protein as well. 

    It took us a really long time to be ready, so don't worry about that. When we met with the MFM, she gave us percentages and risks. With that information we needed to decide if the risks outweighed the reward or vice versa. I felt comfortable that I was going to be ok (hubby was worried about losing me too) since I'd be highly monitored. I felt like I wouldn't be... I don't know that the right word would be... But fulfilled?... If I didn't at least try even knowing we could end up in the same boat or worse. For me, the reward outweighed the risks. 

    I'm crossing my fingers for you and hoping you get everything you want and need! ❤️
  • I had multiple miscarriages and when I got pregnant this time around the doctor tested me for antiphospholipid syndrome and it turns out I have it. They have me on lovenox shots once a day as well as a baby aspirin once a day. This is the first time I've gotten this far along and I am 22 weeks 5 days. Baby is doing well so far. I also have heart problems and that acts up sometimes but I'm doing okay with the antiphospholipid syndrome. Talk to your doctor about treatment they can give you during pregnancy, there is help for people like us. 
  • Thanks xentlife! I'm currently 8 weeks into my 5th pregnancy (3 prior mc and 1 chemical). So far, things are looking good! I'm on synthroid to manage my Hashimoto's, lovenox and baby aspirin to manage my antiphospholipid syndrome, and progesterone supplementation as a response to the RPL. Trying to stay as optimistic as possible ♡  I hope things continue to go great for you too.
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