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Those who have been in a tub during birth...

Did you poop in the tub? 

I had an epi with my  first child and am really hoping to deliver naturally with this child, using the birthing center and tub. I'm prepared...but concerned about this possibility 0_o
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Re: Those who have been in a tub during birth...

  • Your midwives will have the materials on hand to take care of it.  At my homebirth, one of the things in my birth kit was a little fishing net type thing to get any solid yucks out of the water.  If you're worried, I'd just ask :)
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  • I was throwing up and with diahhrea with every contraction, so there was nothing left to come out in a tub. And the tub was the last place I wanted to be contracting--could only stand or sit on toilet. Best laid plans...none of the options I chose the BC for were used! But yes, they either fish the poo out or they change the water, if you can imagine that.
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  • Hi, I have read in several online magazines about the downside of water birth. By the end of labor, the water will get dark from urine, blood, fluids from down there. Urine and feces should be avoided tho the midwife will quickly clean it out. 
  • Most women poop during labor. I wanted a water birth, but after a couple hours in the tub (approaching and during active labor), I didn't like it. It was very uncomfortable sitting and kneeling in the tub. I ended up pushing on the birthing stool. I did poop and they just wiped it away. In a tub, they will just scoop it out. 
  • I had a water birth for my first and it was incredible.  Then again, I didn't get in the tub until I was 8 centimetres dilated, my labor went faster than expected and the tub wasn't full until I was ready to push.  As soon as I got in there was an immense calm.  I finally was able to relax and breath through the contractions.  No poop for me.  It happens but not as often as one might think.  Since I was only in the tub for an hour max, there also wasn't all those gross fluids that everyone talks about.  Either way, that stuff is natural and baby is already exposed to it so blood and fluid won't harm either of you.  Some people don't feel as comfortable in a bath as I did, and that's fine too.  Bathing is kind of like my go to for any problem I have in my life, so I felt in my element. I did get really hot though since the water has to be your body temperature.  
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