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Gestational diabetes bedtime snack

Hi Mamas,

I recently was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My daytime sugar levels are fine, but I cannot seem to get a handle on my fasting sugar level. I have snacked on almonds and cheese, bread and PB...anyone have any suggestions for a night time snack?


  • I usually do cheese and almonds. I sometimes do cheese whisps instead of regular cheese but almost always with some kind of nut.  I found that tracking when I took my fasting number mattered. You'll have to check with your doc/dietician but I usually check mine between 10-12 hours after I last eat. I've found that of I check around the 8 hour mark my fasting is really high. I think my liver dumps sugar around  6 am so when I check earlier I'm seeing numbers that reflect that.  My dietician said she expects that at times my sugar will be above the target but that it is important to note that my body clears the sugar within a reasonable time, so she didn't care that I check fasting later. She also said I could go for a walk or exercise before taking my fasting if I wanted. I don't now but I used to do early morning fasting workouts regularly. 
  • Cheese, PB and meat like hot dogs were my go to for snacks. I'd check with your doctor/dietician and see if you're measuring it right or they have a suggestion. Good luck.
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  • Instant sugar free pudding, made with heavy whipping cream instead of milk. It's like a thick mousse!! Lemon, vanilla and chocolate are my fave. I've never had my fasting number go over. I think you can have about 1/4 of what the box makes. 
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