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Breast pumps

I’m 34 weeks and having a hard time deciding between the Spectra S1 or Medela Pump In Style for my breast pump this time around. With my second son I mostly just breastfed and I used the Medela PISA and it was okay but I had supply issues the whole time. Any moms have any opinions on good breast pumps and what worked best for them? TIA!

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  • The spectra has significantly more options than the PISA and although I haven't used the PISA, I EPd with my first and was part of an exclusive pumping group on fb and a lot of the moms that initially purchased a PISA went back and bought a Spectra afterwards 
  • My first was born 8 weeks early, so I used the Medela Symphony in the hospital and NICU and got a PISA while there as well. While researching prior to birth, I really wanted to get a Spectra because of all the great reviews I read. I ended up being gifted an S2 also. I actually had trouble with the Spectra. I don't know if my body was just used to the Medela stimulation at that point or what, but the Spectra never ended up working for me and I stuck with the PISA. That said, I didn't respond super well to the PISA after time, but it did work earlier on. I did love the closed system idea of the Spectra and I actually used the duckbill values to replace my PISA membranes because they were just irritating. If you didn't love the PISA in the past, then I would maybe give the Spectra a try. Just expect it to be different. And make sure you get the right size flanges for your body. Good luck!
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  • I loved my Freemie Liberty. I pumped discreetly and was able to produce a lot of milk, it has hospital grade suction if needed. Everyone was amazed I was pumping because I wasn't hooked up to anything.
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