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Are Oil Diffusers Good For Children?

I've read a lot of articles online about how beneficial oil diffusers can be in terms of good health both physically and mentally. Since these diffusers are used at home where everybody lives, including the children and young babies, i was just curious to know whether essential oil diffusers can have any negative side effects especially to young babies whose immunity is not yet fully developed. Apart from the health benefits of oil diffusers, are there any downsides to diffusing essential oils at home that people should be concerned about? I'm planning on buying a diffuser just for this purpose but i want to clear all the doubts i have about using them near young babies or children. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Re: Are Oil Diffusers Good For Children?

  • I don't personally use them (though I'd like to start) but I have several friends that have kids and highly recommend the diffusers. I would only trust Young Living essential oils, some of the other brands are not pure and could have additives. I would do your research or if you know someone who sells Young Living, ask them!
  • Hey! I LOVE diffusing and using oils in our home! It helps with everything from sleep, to illness, to homework and cleaning and so much more!
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  • I have read that some oils can disrupt a child's hormones (just google it, lots of medical articles out there). I also worry about the smell irritating small children's lungs. I do love the way they smell but I would NEVER let my child ingest them and I don't believe the claims that oils have medicinal properties. No way.
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