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Weekly Randoms 5/25

April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

lemomma MaryNog

Re: Weekly Randoms 5/25

  • aels12aels12 member
    Happy Memorial Day!! Hope everyone had a nice day and got to celebrate! We didn’t see any family today but had a good day and ended it grilling out right before we got a tornado warning!
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @aels12 oh gosh! Nothing ruins a nice bbq like a tornado warning. Hope all is okay there now! 
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

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  • @aels12 Yikes hopefully it didn't turn into anything! We didn't see any family either, just went to my family's house in RI for the weekend and were quarantined there. It was quiet but lovely!
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  • aels12aels12 member
    Thankfully we just had some patio furniture blown around, it came through quickly and then was gone! I’m all for one big check in if that’s what everyone else wants to do. 
  • I think one big check in is fine. Where is everyone this month I wonder?

  • Agree one check in is probably enough. Maybe people aren’t thinking of getting pregnant during this unknown time?!
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @whitealbum29 sounds like a great idea thanks for taking the lead on that!
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • @whitealbum29, I like the weekly checkin i thinkj the 4 groups is a little much. 

    So I rescheduled next weeks appointment for this week. Because we go get my step kids this weekend. And it's much easier to find a sitter for 2 kids vs 5. So my appointment is tomorrow. Nervous yet excited. 
  • carleym93carleym93 member
    This is by far the smallest BMB I’ve ever been a part of! We had hundreds in June19 and August15 this early on. I like it though, it feels intimate. 
    lemommathe_road_to_ozHappyFeet34 MaryNog
  • jekasijekasi member
    It is a small group here so one check in might work out better. If you peek over at the what to expect site, there are over 80k posts in the January 2021 BMB, but of course it's always a hot mess over there so 😅
    the_road_to_oz MaryNogsheviolentlyknits
  • lemommalemomma member
    Today was so scary! I got an alert on my phone that there was a tornado warning, checked my weather app and it said my town. I ran my son down to the basement where DH was working, then ran up and got my daughter who’d been napping for about 30 min. We watched the news and there was a tornado that formed north of us and then headed north. I didn’t know until a bit later when I checked Facebook that it formed literally 1/2 a mile from us, and all our neighbors had pictures and videos of the actual tornado. So insane! And so grateful we’re okay and our home isn’t damaged. I feel like I’ve been having a panic attack all day. 
  • savykaysavykay member
    @lemomma Oh my gosh, how scary! I’m glad everything turned out fine, but I can’t imagine just waiting through that. That was some quick acting on your part. Glad to hear you are all safe.  <3

    I’m also on board with just one check in, thanks so much for taking the lead on that @whitealbum29. This group is so small, I love it. 
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  • @lemomma so scary. I’m glad you all are okay. 
    We had one form over our house in Texas when i was about 4. I’ve been afraid of thunder ever since. So I moved to Vermont (no tornados)... the one in a hundred years tornado wrecked our roof three years ago 🙄 but it was a bitty Vermont tornado so other than lifting our shingles no damage. And our roof was probably 5 or 10 years from needing to be done anyway so the homeowners paid for it 🤣

  • lemommalemomma member
    @the_road_to_oz oh my gosh! What are the odds !!?? That’s insanity! 
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @lemomma so scary glad you are okay!

    @the_road_to_oz that is the stuff of my nightmares right there! Glad you guys were fine but scary! 
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • @lemomma that sounds so scary! Glad to hear that you and your family are fine!
  • I’m sorry to have ghosted for the past couple of weeks, ladies. I’ve been so tired, it felt like a huge obstacle to open up my browser and come here, I don’t know why. Going to be more purposeful about participating in the future. I love that this is a small group; my bmb with my first was awesome and we’re close to this day. 
  • oaktree6oaktree6 member
    @lemomma That’s scary. :( Glad everyone is ok!

    @whitealbum29 Thanks for taking the lead on the check ins so far. I also think it’s a good idea to try one for everyone. 
  • lemommalemomma member
    Often, DH will take the kids outside to play while I’m making dinner. And often 🤣 I’ll enjoy a beer while I’m alone in the house for the only time that day (or for several days... or a week, or two weeks... whatever). I miss my dinner-making-beer. LOL 
  • oaktree6oaktree6 member
    @lemomma Ughh couldn’t agree with you more! My mouth still waters for my dinner-making-beer! 
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