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Weekly Symptoms - week of 5/18

How's everyone feeling?
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Re: Weekly Symptoms - week of 5/18

  • Here come the food aversions. Just cooked a meal and have zero interest in eating it 😖
  • n0soup4un0soup4u member
    Food aversions, waves of nausea, bitchy and tired. I sound like a real gem lately. 
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  • aels12aels12 member
    I’ve definitely been extra bitchy the last few days 😬
  • Iv being bitchy and had few episodes of nausea. Pregnancy bloat is gone and it worries me since i had crazy symptoms when i was pregnant with my daughter. Oh today, someone spoke about egg and i was so 🤢. Lol
  • HappyFeet34HappyFeet34 member
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    I got sick for the first time today. I was really hoping I would finally get one of those pregnancies with nausea but not actually getting sick. Here we go 😩 

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  • @HappyFeet34 I had the nausea without being sick last preg and it’s looking like I have it again. Honestly I can’t tell which is worse. Actual vomiting sucks and is hard on the throat! But sometimes I just wish something would come up so I can feel better! 
  • @cricket1688 TMI I had my first two close together and I don’t think my pelvic floor was completely healed, so I would get sick 3-5 times a day and pee myself every single time. It was a nightmare. I have a larger gap between these two and I’ve worked really hard the last two years lifting and getting back in shape, I didn’t pee myself this morning so that was a huge relief. It will make getting sick easier.

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  • @happyfeet34 🤣 my pelvic floor is still not 100% so I’m worried this pregnancy I will be peeing myself. Oh well!
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    My biggest is just lack of appetite and an increase in sciatica pain from stupid relaxin hormones 
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  • lemommalemomma member
    I continue to be starving all the time. Which is just so weird and different from previous pregnancies. Nausea and food aversions always came fast for me but I don’t have any of that yet, just so hungry. I’m only 5 + 2 so plenty of time I guess :) 

    Is anyone having crazy dreams? I normally don’t have memorable dreams often at all. But the last week, every night is something totally crazy and I remember every detail when I wake up. 

    I also wake up really sweaty. After both my first two were born, I had terrible night sweats. It was probably my least favorite thing about postpartum. I’d wake up in an actual pool of sweat every single night... it’s like the hormones were dripping out of my body. Anyway - this isn’t anywhere near as bad as that but I’m hot and uncomfortable for sure. 
  • @lemomma yes to the dreams and night sweats! I’m edging into all the food is gross until I force myself to eat and then I’m good. But the dreams have been super vivid and weird. I might turn on the AC early this year because I’ve been waking up super uncomfortable in the night. I also still cosleep with the toddler so that doesn’t help things as she’s a hot sleeper already.  
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  • carleym93carleym93 member
    @lemomma Same things here! I am STARVING and sweating at night (my sheets were wet last night, so gross) and weird vivid dreams. But other than those things, nothing else. I feel basically like myself otherwise. 
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @carleym93 @lemomma so glad I am not the only getting so hot at night!  My the time I’m done with work I need a cold shower 😂
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  • lemommalemomma member
    @hippiegirl884 @carleym93 @stillcozy the night sweats are so frustrating because I feel like no matter how I sleep... I could get a lot of good, deep sleep, and I still wake up feeling like a mess and tired and sluggish because I’m covered in sweat. It’s the WORST! 
  • aels12aels12 member
    I didn’t see a symptoms thread for this week so putting this here.. why does sciatica pain start so early?! I can barely walk tonight. 
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @aels12 oh my gosh yes! I was shocked and angry it has started so early!! 😭😭 

    Morning aka ALLDAY sickness is kicking my behind. Hoping to talk about it with my dr. A little sad that I haven’t lost a bit more weight from it. I mean if I’m going to be puking all day can I at least benefit from it somehow 😂
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  • I was feeling ok yesterday which was making me nervous. Today I've got nausea, food aversions, and fatigue very bad. I took one bite of a banana and it was like chewing my way through Styrofoam. 
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  • So much nausea. This is new to me since I had basically no nausea with my first. It started the day after I got my bfp. I had also forgotten how exhausting it is to be pregnant. All I want to do is sleep but my almost 4 year old seems to have other plans 
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