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Fit Fri-yay! 5/22

How did your fitness/wellness goals go this week? What are your goals for next week?

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Re: Fit Fri-yay! 5/22

  • aels12aels12 member
    My goals are to workout 5 days per week and I am on 4 so will workout tomorrow and have met it! I’ve been doing pretty well with working out but I need to get my eating back on track.  My quarantine baking is out of control!
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    I’m feeling pretty good I’m down 5 today likely bloat  land working on staying on my eating plan. I so want to have a healthy pregnancy so I need to get back to adding in workouts again 
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  • lemommalemomma member
    My goal is to work out 5-6 days a week... just getting my heart rate up and building muscle! 

    This last week was not great. It was my sons birthday and then the day after I got my first wave of nausea and vomiting so I didn’t work out two days in a row. But I got back to it today and it felt good! So far I’ve worked out 16/22 days in May and trying to keep that consistency going! 

    My first two pregnancies I fell off the wagon during the first trimester sickness and never got back - so I am determined this time around to stick with it because I know it will make my postpartum recovery so much better. 

    Next week goals: Workout 5 days, 45 min each time. Drink 80oz of water each day. 
  • I feel like I start off good and then slack and then get back on track. I’ve gained about 3lbs but I’m assuming it’s bloat and just the fact that I’ve been eating more meals than what I’m used to. As far as working out goes that’s where I start off good but then slack off. DH works nights as a LEO and so I’ve been trying to take the kids out to trails to walk and get out of the house while DH sleeps. But then when he’s off work, I can’t bring myself to go out anywhere and do workouts. Back before the covid-19 I would take the big kids to school, take the toddler to the YMCA and workout consistently! I miss it soooooo bad! 
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  • Oh and my taste in food has gone from healthy salads with lean proteins to literally eating the worst trash hungover food with the sweetest sweet tooth since I was pregnant with my first born 🤦‍♀️
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  • Going to join this thread to so I can get back on track and hold myself accountable. I’ll try maybe 2-3x a week to start?

    With my last pregnancy I worked out 4-5x a week (OTF addict, I did it for 4 years and now I’m kinda over it) until I got out on modified bed rest, and then worked really hard to get in great shape, tracked everything I ate, and took advantage of all the calories I burnt pumping, and got down to 15lb below my pre-pregnancy weight by last Oct once I had the baby in March.  ...And then I burnt out and put 10lb back on. And then got pregnant. 

    I had been steadily putting muscle back on at the beginning of the year by just lifting, but then gave up once my gym closed since my knees hate squats so much. 
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