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  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @feelingjovani definitely don’t join What to Expect or Babycenter they are awful for that kind of stuff. Ugh Trust your Dr’s people they aren’t trying to lie to you. 
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  • @stillcozy noted, I definitely won't be joining!  Some of the questions are so ridiculous...why crowd source from a bunch of strangers when you could call your OB who has specifically been trained for many years in these issues? 
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  • edited May 15
    I was on The Bump in 2015 originally and we started with something like 200 people in our month. There were so many “angle of the dangle” guess the gender at 6-8 wk posts. If you’d tell people “Sorry, we don’t do those posts” they’d flounce in a huff. And we always told them to go to WTE because that’s pretty much ALL it was over there. 🤣

    My fffc: I’m letting my kids watch tv alllllllll day today, consequences be damned. I usually don’t let them watch any, except occasional family movie nights, but I’m too tired to deal right now and the Avatar (Last Airbender, not the blue aliens) just came out on Netflix today.
  • @sheviolentlyknits no shame at all in screen time, especially right now. In a pandemic you’ve just got to do what you can to survive. 
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  • My fffc is I totally turned in my 1st graders school work incomplete on google classroom because it’s the last day and I’m just over it, he’s over it, we are all over it! He asked if he was done for the day and I said yes. But then he asked “what about the math I didn’t finish?” And I lied and said I didn’t notice but there is nothing I can do about it now because it’s already turned in...also a lie.
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  • @sheviolentlyknits Ahhh I started on the bump in 2015. Looked back through my old BMB trying to compare symptoms (because you totally forget) and it was like the wild west the first few weeks #nostructure 
    we started with about 200 or so too, and we have a group of about 50 ladies who are all still in contact, I've met several in person. 

    My fffc - I sent my little dude to grandma and grandpa for a much needed break. I miss him :( lol. 

  • @the_road_to_oz
    which BMB were you in? I was In oct 2016.  I think I remember your username. Or maybe it was TTGP board in 16. Maybe I'm just crazy. Who knows 
  • @the_road_to_oz I have a A16 baby too! I was not active on TB then though, I was for my A14 baby and those ladies are still some of my closest friends. We have had multiple meet ups and vacations as a group of the years. 

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