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Fit friyay

What are your fitness/ health goals this week?!


Re: Fit friyay

  • My goal is to get in at least three strength and 1 cardio day this week. I was going to do legs today and ended up on the couch instead after work. So not starting well. 

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  • n0soup4un0soup4u member
    Does chasing my kids count? I’ve put on 17k steps doing so. 
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  • Going to discuss with doc next week if and how I can safely loose a weight this 1st trimester without endangering LO. I'm not obese (unless you look at BMI, in which we are all overweight). But I could easily afford to lose 50 lbs. In my opinion I already look 5 to 6 months pregnant. Afraid to get much bigger. 
  • mamaslothmamasloth member
    I try to get outside for an hour a day (when the weather is nice), usually running or walking with DS in the stroller. I also try to do some sort of strength training or pilates type workout 3x per week. And I've been cleaning obsessively and rearranging my furniture because quarantine.

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  • @AshleyGemini24 good luck! I totally am in the same boat and wish I had lost some before getting pregnant but I can't go back now.  I'm really trying to focus on only eating when I'm actually hungry (the random bouts of nausea actually help) and getting in some activity each day.
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  • jekasijekasi member
    @AshleyGemini24 Same, girl! I have a PCOS pooch that some people mistake for pregnancy, and I'm tired of the random rude comments. I could stand to lose about the same as you.

    I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to keep active when I'm WFH. I'm usually on my feet all day working and now I'm kind of a couch potato. It is far too hot where I live to enjoy a walk or bike ride, so I've made it a goal to get in our pool and swim actual laps. I did so twice this week which is a start I suppose.
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    Late to post this week sorry! I’ve been struggling with a ton of guilt. I had lost 20lbs late summer early fall but I ended up gaining it all back when I went of BC back in October. I have gotten back on keto to help me break some disordered eating habits I have related to eating for comfort. My goal is to have my final Prenatal weight be where I am at currently or hopefully less. 
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  • Hey all! I’m late to the party but I want to participate in this weekly threads. I was 280lbs on Christmas and decided that I needed to get my weight under control. Well between WW and Intermittent fasting I lost about 75lbs in the 19 weeks. And on of the first clues that I might be pregnant was the weight loss slowed down to .5lb this week and I was so bloated. 

    Anyways all that to say that I’m really trying to not gain much during this pregnancy. My last pregnancy I started and stayed at 250lbs so I’m hoping this time I can manage to stay at 205lbs so that after birth hopefully I can take advantage of the reeved up metabolism and continue to lose the 50lbs more I wanted to lose in the first place. Anyone have any good prenatal yoga videos they like? Maybe the gyms will open back up soon too! That would be great! 
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  • I asked my the NP at my visit if I could safely loose weight while pregnant. She said if I basically put myself on a diabetic diet and moderately exercise, I can safely loose weight. And as long as LO Is getting nutrients needed,  I could even deliver weighing less than when I got pregnant. 
  • @AshleyGemini24 that’s great! I’m hoping to talk to the midwives soon and see what they say. I’m technically obese based on BMI of 30 so I would think baby has plenty of maternal stores to be happy with. 
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  • I didn’t get as many strength days in as I wanted this week, but I’ve been putting in a lot of steps (about 6 miles a day) and it’s wiping me out by the end of the day with pregnancy exhaustion. I did get one upper body and one leg day in there. I’m at a healthy weight/BMI but I gained 65lbs with my first and 70lbs with my second. I didn’t change anything that’s just what my body did, I eventually got it all off with both but it wasn’t easy at all. I would really like to gain a more “normal” amount this pregnancy anything under 50lbs would make me really happy. I wasn’t into fitness through those pregnancies though, I was a similar starting weight as I am now but less muscle tone and didn’t do any strength training then. I’m really hoping that helps this time around. 

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  • I’m starting off 20lbs over this pregnancy (thanks breastfeeding eating!) so I’m hoping to keep things a little more in check this time around. I’d like to healthily maintain my weight till 5/6 month but no clue how that will go. I worked out till 37 weeks with my first and it didn’t do anything in terms of helping me “bounce back” like everyone said. I took 2 weeks off from working out but now I’m back to a routine and man I forgot about how out of breath you get while newly pregnant!
  • aels12aels12 member
    I started doing pure barre workouts at about 9 months pp and am hoping to keep doing them throughout this pregnancy. In previous pregnancies I’d been running prior to pregnancy and never was able to stick with it. I’m hoping since barre is lower impact that I can keep it up. So far so good!
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