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Pregnancy after placental abruption and premature birth

Hi everyone! I spent a lot of time here in 2014 when I became pregnant with my first and everyone was so helpful! I found out today that I'm expecting again and it was a surprise! My son was born at 25.6 weeks due to a placental abruption. He spent 66 days in the NICU and is doing wonderfully! I went to the maternity ER at my hospital twice with bleeding and cramping and was sent home twice before going in a third day at 4cm dilated. I have homozygous Factor V Leiden and was on daily Lovenox injections and continue to take daily baby aspirin. I was told after giving birth last year that if there were any future pregnancies, I would be monitored much more frequently since the blood clotting disorder would always categorize me as high risk and preterm labor is a higher possibility.

Has anyone had a pregnancy after placental abruption and/or preterm labor?

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Jesse, our baby boy: 2/25/15 @ 25.6 weeks, 2lbs 2oz & 13.5 inches. spent 66 days in the NICU. <3
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Re: Pregnancy after placental abruption and premature birth

  • I also have a placental abrupt ion and gave birth very early. My daughter was 28 weeks when she was born. I'd like to follow this post. I just found out during Hurricane Matthew I'm expecting my 2nd bundle of joy and I'm extremely nervous.
    -Elizabeth Marie
  • I had a placenta abruption with my first in September 2014. It happened when my water broke at 40 weeks and we ended up losing my son. I did get pregnant again and now have a healthy 7 month old after a problem free pregnancy. I don't have the genetic factors you do, but I am in several support groups and spoke with so many other women who have had abruptions, some due to Factor V Leiden, that have gone on to have healthy pregnancies. 

    Well wishes to you as you near your third trimester! 
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    I also had an abruption at 40 weeks with my first. I'm debating if I  should go  for another vaginal delivery with my next or take the csection they are offering me... I would love to know your experience and thoughts as my contractions were awfully painful and so close together throughout my labor with the abruption (but it was also a short labor because of it)... but Im not sure if that was worse because of the abruption or not.  Thanks!
  • My first was 3 days past due at birth and they said i was hemorrhaging in labor due to placental breakdown but my current doctor says it was most likely abruption because they gave me a transfusion and based on what she sees in the records from first birth may be inducing a week early with my current pregnancy to avoid potential second abruption 
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