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Diaper Sizing

Hi everyone,
FTM here having diaper sizing issues. My daughter is 4 weeks old and weighs almost 9 pounds. We use Pampers swaddles diapers but the problem is the newborn size diapers are too tight, the tabs barely close, they leave marks around her legs, and she keeps getting blowouts up her back. I tried size one of pampers swaddles on her today but they are HUGE! I don’t understand how they are the next size up, they are so much bigger than the newborn! they come up over her belly button and have huge gaps around her legs that leak out everything. I am beyond frustrated because no matter if I use newborn or size one they will cause a huge mess!! I am also frustrated because COVID-19 makes me nervous to leave the house, the grocery store shelves are wiped out and you are limited with how much you can buy which makes it difficult to experiment with different diaper sizes/brands. Ordering online is also very difficult right now because orders are taking a week to ship then another week to arrive. Any advice, tips or tricks are greatly appreciated! Please I am desperate! 

Re: Diaper Sizing

  • I would just try a different brand. Maybe go to a different store? Early on, diapers were wiped out, but now the stores are pretty well stocked again, in my experience. 

    There's not really anything else you can do. You can't shrink a leg hole. Coming up to her belly button isn't an issue though. That's pretty normal. 
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