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January 2021 Moms


How’s everyone holding up? Any concerns? Worries? 


  • Following up with my RE Wednesday or Thursday after blood work tomorrow and +48. 
    It took us so long to get here I am extra scared of anything going wrong. 
    We were starting the trial clomid before all this hit, planning to move to IVF by fall. I’m in disbelief we can stop stressing over funding it and focus on a baby! 

  • We are also in disbelief! We are getting betas and progesterone done e/o day for the next two weeks. Also on progesterone suppositories which is..... lovely. 

    I can't schedule an office visit until my HCG levels continue to rise. So kind of in la la land right now.
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  • I’m getting my +48 Bloodwork tomorrow morning to make sure that level is’s crazy how nervous I am waiting to see the numbers!
  • Just got mine back! Numbers a bit more than doubled - US on 05/19! 

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