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Appointment vs COVID-19 Risk

I live in a large metropolitan area in Texas. Our COVID-19 cases are going up by 50% every day. I have been at home for a week and a half - going out once to see my chiropractor. 

My OB's office called and said that they are not allowing "extra visitors" meaning my husband to come to appointments anymore. They are asking patients to stay in their cars and will text us when our room is ready. Still, I have to travel through the hospital lobby and up an elevator for four floors to get to my doctor's office. Also those nurses are exposed to several hundred people a day. There is more risk of me getting COVID-19 from them. 

I am at 33 weeks. My doctor basically asks how I feel, takes my blood pressure, measures my stomach from bottom to top, and then I go home. Seems a little pointless. And now, it feels like I would be going to a pointless appointment while risking my health and my baby's health. Should I still go to my appointment? I feel fine, the little guy is moving around. Why should I risk it? 

Re: Appointment vs COVID-19 Risk

  • ^^WSS
    If your doctor didn't need to see you they would have canceled. 
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