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Should we attend the 2 month wellness visit during coronavirus pandemic?

My (ftm) son's 2 month wellness exam is this week. I'm hesitant (read terrified) to go and risk exposing him to the coronavirus.  I know this is the appointment for his vaccines but risk-benefit idk if we should go.  I went to my 6 week post partum appointment and was exposed to the virus by my Dr and was put into a 14 day quarantine (we were okay!) so I'm extra nervous.   Anyone else going through deciding whether to skip wellness exams?


  • Call your pediatrician and ask about their recommendations? My office is doing well checks first thing in the morning right after they clean to reduce exposure. Ask about the vaccines too, delaying them now may prevent your child from getting the full series.
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    Yes, please do.  

    Most offices are taking extreme caution right now.  Ours has the office divided in half one side for all well visits (they consider immunizations essential) on one side and the very few sick visits they allow in on the other side.  No one waits in the waiting rooms, directed right into a room.  

    They require any sick patients to video chat to determine whether coming in is necessary, a prescription should be written or if a Covid test is required. 

    Call the office (if they do not have their precautions on their webpage or FB page) and ask what they are doing to protect their patients.  
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  • Inquire with your paediatrician about their advice.
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