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Newborn will not sleep...

Hi all! New mom here. To a 12 day old.  He will be two weeks on March 19. if the questions already been else somewhere else I'm sorry, I'm new at all of this. So our beautiful baby boy has been sleeping in his flat bassinet since we got home from the hospital. With no problem at all. You feed him and change him .boom he's out like a light. Yesterday, March 16th, he was fine. In the morning he had a big poop and when I went to put him back down he screamed. Okay, I picked them up rocked him and put him back down. she wanted nothing to do with sleep or anyting this was 6 am. So I held him on my chest for an hour and he slept. Later on in the day he wanted nothing to do with sleep and was fussy. I told my husband he is just sleeping because he didn't sleep. Nothing we did would make him sleep, he'd scream his head off soon as we put him in his bassinet. But it's fine if we were holding him. He's been hungry so we've been feeding him the doctor said to feed him if he's hungry. We run to the grocery store and kept him in the car and he slept. we came home and he was very fussy in his bassinet but he finally fell asleep after we let him cry it out. It is now 1:23 a.m. and my husband just woke me up for the night shift and said that he would not let him put him down at all. I tried as well and he just not want to be put down. no matter what we do he screams unless you're touching him. I don't know what to do, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I don't know if it's colic? Is it too early? Thoughts help? Please I need advice would be welcome. Thank you. 

Re: Newborn will not sleep...

  • Talk to your pediatrician. If he seems to be crying for extended periods after eating it could be reflux and may need medication. He also just might like the warmth of your arms. Some people have success by putting a warming of on baby’s bed to warm up the spot before putting baby there.
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