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Docs pushing for induction is starting to piss me off!

So I had a growth ultrasound done by a radiologist at 37 weeks and they flagged me for borderline low amniotic fluid. They immediately had me go to the birthing center at my hospital and have an NST as well as a second ultrasound with Maternal Fetal Medicine. That ultrasound said the fluid was not even close to low. They then proceeded to schedule me for an NST/ultrasound combo appt twice a week until my due date. As of today, I am 39w3d and every single ultrasound since that day has said my fluid is more than normal. So it's obviously not low and therefore not a problem. 
The doctors at my office (not the midwives) are pushing me to schedule to be induced the day before my due date and I cannot fathom why. Everytime it is brought up, the reasoning is so wishy washy and sketch, imo. I had a cervical check last week on Friday and was told that my cervix is soft, forward and dilated 1cm so something is starting in its own. I told them I would really rather not do that and at least wait til closer to 41 weeks if anything since he's more likely to come in the days after my due date anyway. They told me to schedule my next appt for earlier in the week so that they can check my progress and have time to schedule that for the end of the week as if what I said didn't matter?
So that appt is tomorrow and I'm dreading it because I feel like I'm gonna blow my lid arguing with them cuz it sounds like they've already made up their mind! It pisses me off cuz there is technically no medical reason to intervene like this. 
Has this happened to anyone else for no reason? I know some docs push induction using scare tactics and honestly if the scare tactics here is "BUT YOUR FLUID LEVELS" I am going to make this doc look like an a** cuz I KNOW from the last 5 ultrasounds that's there's nothing wrong with my fluid! Makes me feel like they think I'm an idiot!


*It's also worth noting that at the hospital I'm going to give birth at, I see whichever doc/midwife is on call that day, so it's not like I have a regular doc that is trying to fit me in somewhere, so I'm really just perplexed by the sudden "urgency" to serve baby his eviction notice right on his due date

Re: Docs pushing for induction is starting to piss me off!

  • I'm sorry you are being pressured! 
    Maybe they just assume everyone wants to be induced (I know that's not the case, but a lot of moms are just done with being pregnant by 40 weeks and dont mind being induced) 

    Stand your ground. They can't force you to do anything. If you dont want an induction they can NOT make you. Especially if there us no danger to baby. 

    Good luck tomorrow!
  • How did everything go?
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