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Handle the 4-Month Wakeful Period Like a Pro

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We have seen a lot of chatter about the 4-month wakeful period (ok...and a few exhausted rants!). While it’s a good sign that baby wants to play with you during the night, it’s also challenging to forgo sleep.

Here, Bump experts share how to overcome this stage. How have you been coping with this period?

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Re: Handle the 4-Month Wakeful Period Like a Pro

  • I think anyone practicing attachment listening would not find the article helpful.

    The most helpful thing for me is finding likeminded individuals to commiserate with, regardless of your beliefs about independence and sleep training.
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  • My daughter slept through the night from about 1 month to now, and she is 4 months. She was literally 4 months old to the day and stopped sleeping through the night. Now, over the last couple of weeks she has gotten better about only getting up once, and this is at like 3 or 4, and then will "sleep" until I get up for work. This is at about 5-6 depending on the day.

    She used to sleep all the way through until I would get up and wake her up - or she would get up at 5:30. I know it sounds like not much consistency but it was and it worked well for us. She is still being swaddled. We tried not swaddling and that made it way worse.

    It seems now that she's back to good sleep through the night but just wakes up 1-2 hours earlier than she used to. We're going to start purees and cereal as an OK from our pediatrician to see if that helps. So far I just have the cereal as a back up because I've read a lot of parents thoughts and found out it's basically just a filler food - but I opted for the organic brand just incase we give in out of sheer exhaustion :). I'm interested to see what has worked for others. A lot of articles demand a strict eating/sleeping schedule but I don't have the support system for that. My husband is very helpful but he absolutely wouldn't be in for letting her cry it out or being miserable until the schedule is set.
  • So my baby wakes every 2 hours during the night to feed . I exclusively pump so he eats from a bottle but he is a terrible napper as well . I am having a really tough time with me getting any sleep . I notice my patience is very thin when I don't get any sleep at all like last night when he had his 4 month vaccines yesterday so he was up screaming most of the night . He is the same this morning . Everyone I talk to says that they had their babies sleeping through the night so easily and I feel like I'm alone when it comes to my baby having never slept through the night . He constantly needs to be moving . Whether it be a swing bouncer or me rocking or bouncing him around the house While singing super loud . Am I doing something wrong ? 
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    Wow! EVm556995 I am seriously in the same boat!  my son is 5 months old and is a horrible sleepover!  I swear from being pregnant and now with a baby I haven't slept through the night in over a year.  I'm breastfeeding so even if he did sleep through the night I would still have to get up and pump.  I do ok with little sleep but this is beyond what I can handle.  he wakes up every 2 hours or so and Barely naps during the day.  he is very alert and needs constant attention.  the only way I can get him to napl during the day is to hold him and I feel guilty about it every time but as soon as i lay him down to nap even if he is already sleep he instantly wakes up and is hyper.  I don't get much support from my boyfriend. just this morning said "omg this kid is gonna drive me crazy". I had gotten maybe 3 hours of sleep.  he stormed out and said yeah only if you believe that.  he doesn't help out on the weekends when he isn't working because I breast feed so I have to get up anyway.  and I just realized I went on a huge rant here instead of giving you any advice.  ugh I wish I has some magical answer .  
  • No  EVm556995, you're not doing anything wrong! My DD is very similar. Has always been a super active and wiggly baby since birth. Shes about 4.5 months now and has been in her crib for a few weeks. Some nights are okay and other nights, like last night, I had to feed her 4 times. I'm back to work and I HATE pumping and I'm worried because some days are eats more than I pump at work and other days the opposite. I know some babies eat less during the day so they can eat and spend more time with you at night, and I think that may be what our babies are doing. This too shall pass!
  • I have a very similar baby - needs constant movement and sometimes screams inconsolably for hours at a time. It is completely crazy-making! I see that you left this comment 5 months ago. How are things now?
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    Have you tried formula at night before bed? My baby is very fidgety as well and I did finally get him on a routine by starting at 6pm with a bath, it calmed him down and after the bath I would get his bottle ready (I had a lot of stressors when the baby was born so was unable to produce as much milk as I like to breast feed so I was forced to used formula as well). Once I had his bottle I would go into the room and shut the lights keeping his night light and sound machine on, I found the waves sound a lot like being in the womb so he likes that best. The formula keeps him full longer so once he ate and I sat with him in my arms long enough before putting him down he would sleep a little longer each night. I also bought a swaddle that zips up or Velcroes as it kept him from moving to wake himself up. Sometimes instead of a bath we would go for a walk or do both, the activity before bed seems to tire them out. 
    You’ll find your groove! 
  • We tried formula at night but she still woke up every 2-3 hours bright eyed and bushy tailed. However, the game changer was rice cereal right before bed. This seems to keep her full and satisfied and it really worked like a miracle. Give it a try and hopefully you get similar results! 
  • I’ve had a few tough nights but not too bad. But my baby always wakes up from 530-6am and I would just love for her to sleep in a little!
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