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Postpartum question

Hey moms, need your help. 

I had my baby on Tuesday she is 4 days old today. While I was in the hospital recovering I came down with a super horrible sore throat. I told the nurses my doctor and basically no one was concerned and they just kept giving me cough drops and told me the air was dry there.

Now today is Saturday and my throat hurts just as much as it did before, I have a deep mucus cough and sinus drainage. So I’m freaking out. I decided to go to urgent care and get checked out and they said the sinus drainage is what’s causing the sore throat and the cough but it could be bronchitis. And the doctor prescribed me a Z pack. 

My concern is my 4 day old baby. She’s showing no signs of being sick. But iv already called her pediatrician and my OB and both basically said the same thing is make sure I’m washing my hands and if she gets sick then take her in. 

Safe to say I’m freaking out. Because I wasn’t being overly cautious with her till now. Went on google (I know ) and bronchitis can turn into RSV. Ugh. 

She is being breastfeed and my doctor told me to keep doing that. But other than that there’s nothing I can do. Im also wearing a mask around her, yay. 

I guess I wanted to hear DONT worry she’ll be fine. Lol but no one said that. So now I’m sitting here waiting for her to get sick and did I mention I’m freaking out?!  

Any insight would help, I need some mom advice. 

Thanks guys. 

Re: Postpartum question

  • I had adenovirus when I gave birth to my second. She caught it at a few days old and was totally fine. I know that’s anecdotal and doesn’t mean much but, there really isn’t much you can do. I would continue to nurse so that she’s getting your antibodies. I’m  sure things like this happen all the time. 
  • If she isn’t showing signs then you are good and shouldn’t worry.  Keep trying to prevent her from getting sick and hopefully get better yourself.
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  • Dirty lurker.... bronchitis does not turn into RSV....  bronchitis is inflammation of the tubes leading to the airsacs in the lungs and can be caused by bacteria, viruses or other things. RSV is a virus that can cause bronchitis. In most adults RSV acts like a cold. Its hard not to worry as a new mom, but all you can do is wash your hands, try not to cough on her and keep breast feeding. breast milk will provide immune support for her. 
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  • **lurker here**

    When I had my c/s last January I was already sick with a respiratory issue. My OB said the antibiotics given during my surgery would help but to go in if it didn't resolve. I ended up with a z pack when DD was about 5 days old. I just did what I would normally do with a newborn in cold and flu season. Lots of hand washing, avoided coughing on/around her as best I could and just kept breastfeeding. She made it through fine and never got sick.
    It's hard not to worry. Just keep an eye on her and if anything seems off, take her to her pediatrician. 
    FWIW, my twins were born at the height of the H1N1 outbreak in 2009, my DS was born during one of the worst flu seasons ever a few years later and my DD came at the end of January last year so I understand!! Hang in there and don't forget to take care of yourself too!
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