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Burning pain under rib

I haven’t had much luck finding information online for this one, but does anyone else experience burning sharp pain whenever their little one decides to camp under one side of your rib cage? I can’t sit up in bed without it stinging/burning whenever he’s there! 

Re: Burning pain under rib

  • I meant to post this in another thread but can’t seem to delete it. Sorry - I’m new to this app!
  • I have been experiencing the same thing! I read that it is because the skin is stretching so much in that area. The only thing that has helped me is getting up and walking around or laying on the opposite side of where the baby is to get the baby to move positions. 
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  • Good to know! Thanks so much for the response :)
  • @kdbeebout I’ve had rib pain on my left side under my breast for several weeks now. One of my OBs said she had it with her pregnancy and there’s no proven cause for it. She said it will go away after delivery - not the news I wanted to hear. Another OB said it could be muscles in my back so I told my chiropractor and they’ve focused on the muscles and adjustments in that area. Nothing so far has been as helpful as the heating pad. Wish I had more advice for you but good to know you’re not alone! 
  • Same pain. My OB said there wasn't a known cause. Her thoughts were everything being pushed up and outward making space stretching the muscles there, esp on the right side. She suggested visiting a chiropractor. She checked to make sure my spleen hadn't moved, but that was it.

    Good luck! Best wishes!!!!
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