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Baby Crafts & DIYs

I think there may have been some mention a while ago of a craft board, but I couldn't find one, so sorry if this is a duplicate discussion! 

I've been trying to think of fun things to keep my mind occupied on weekends when I'm home alone. I've made a panel piece before and it came out well, so I thought I might give one a try for baby's eventual nursery! Here's the photo I'm using for inspiration!

All you crafty types out there, what kind of projects are you currently working on? Or what do you plan on making for the baby, nursery, etc. Show off those projects!

Re: Baby Crafts & DIYs

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  • @taylor2020 your furniture looks so good! And those crochet outfits are to die for!!!!! I'm not crafty in that regard. My SIL is knitting some stuff for Squishy (as she's been calling baby) lol
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  • Wow I am in awe of you creative and skillful women!! I sewed curtains for DD1's room but they turned out so ugly. 
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  • @craftywitch those are seriously adorable!!! I think wooden buttons would be perfect for the second one 😊
  • @craftywitch omg those are ADORABLE! makes me wish I could knit! 
  • @craftywitch those look amazing!  I can knit really super easy things but I crochet more often.  Also bring on the pictures because I love seeing other people's work!
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  • You guys are all seriously amazing. I have nary a crafty bone in my body but I loooove hand made things! 
  • @Swiftlet I am in the same boat. 
  • I really need to make a tag blanket for baby boy. I made one for DD so it’s only fair. 
  • Happy I stumbled onto this thread! I love to do crafts, but don’t get the chance to sit and do anything 😞. I would love to knit a hat or headband for baby. We don’t know the gender, so I don’t mind doing something neutral. Only need some help finding the right type of Yarn for newborn and appropriate patterns for a beginner. I have some needles from when I tried to knit myself a hat 15 years ago lol, not sure if I need smaller ones. Help a beginner please! I would like to eventually make a receiving blanket. I’m at 31 weeks baby coming soon and I have nothing! 😩 
  • Great job mamma's! We don't know the gender so this is 1 of many somewhat neutral colored beanies I plan to make. I am a beginner so I am practicing a bit before I tackle a small baby blanket. I am hoping to get some pretty baby yarn tomorrow. My only other projects besides the beanies and blanket is a couple of nursing covers and MAYBE a half onesie dress. If we have a girl I will make a variety of little hair covers amd headbands. I like to keep busy   :) 

  • @TennisLove30 Wonderful job! Did you purchase the wildlife themed fabric in-store or online? I would like the link if purchased online. . .
  • @m0mmy2b0yz, I bought the fabric in store at JoAnn Fabrics.
  • @craftywitch Awesome job dyeing the yarn! I was looking up patterns for baby pants on Ravelry yesterday. Can I ask what pattern you used, if any?
  • I'm so jealous of all you ladies and your skill! I can't sew etc. but I do plan on painting some letters blocks in baby's name for his room. 
  • @noxacanthus For sure. This is a free pattern for fingering weight yarn called Hosenmatz. It's NB-12m I believe
  • Babies crochet blanket is complete. I am a newbie at this but I am happy with the results. . .

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