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8 month old still on puree?

Hey guys !so my son is 8 months. I started him on purees around 6 and a half months. Every other day. Now  we're at 8 months still on puree. I'm scared to start giving him anything else out of fear of choking. Anyone in the same place as me?

Re: 8 month old still on puree?

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  • I'm so worried! Plus she only eats like 2 ounces pureed if that. 
  • My son is 8 months as well. He is still eating purees and we started at 4.5 months! We have started a few finger foods. However, what I found to be a good start is actually a large handle of broccoli, something large enough where they cannot fit the whole thing in their mouth but can gnaw on it and get the handle for chewing. The gagging reflex is inevitable, so if it makes you nervous then take an infant CPR class to get yourself comfortable in case of emergencies.

    Also, just knowing what our bodily responses are as infants helped calm my nerves. Keep trying, don't let your nerves keep your child from exploring the wonderful world of food. Your doing great, best of luck!
  • I had the same problem with chocking 🥹 still have it sometimes . I started with watermelon, it melts in her mouth , my daughter only eats finger food now :)
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