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Am I too big?

This month I have been gaining a lot weight and my stomach feels and look overinflated.

Re: Am I too big?

  • This month I have been gaining a lot weight and my stomach feels and look overinflated.
    That would be a question for your medical providers. They are the only ones who can tell you if your weight gain could lead to issues for you or the baby. Everyone is built differently, carries differently, gains weight differently, and started out at different sizes. So, again, only your medical providers who know you and your history can tell you if you've gained too much.

    Even if I could objectively tell you based on that one phone alone, I don't even know how far along you are. 3rd tri covers 27-42 weeks, and your bump will be vastly different sizes at the beginning and end of the 3rd tri. 
  • You look pregnant.  Please talk to your doctor, we can not answer that for you.  At the end of pregnancy, I gained the most weight.  My doc wasnt concerned.  But I can not answer for you. 
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  • What they said. Also, in 3rd Tri your skin starts to hit it’s limits on stretchyness, so feeling overinflated is pretty normal. Make sure you’re moisturizing it. That will help with some skin tightness and itchiness, especially during dry winter months.
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  • Every bump is different.... I get HUGE when i'm pregnant (side effect of having twins first...) so if you were me your tiny and thats what I look like in the first tri... for other people your spot on.  If your concerned about your weight talk to your doc or MW. Also some gain weight at different times... I gain most of my weight in the first and 2nd tri and very little in the third tri, others gain all their weight in the 3rd tri and some do it gradually across all trimesters... 
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