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Severe Gas pain

I know this is not a new topic but my severe gas pain is different. Not only is it being expelled from me with farting but also burping. The burps are the worst. They are sulfur burps. The farting I can deal with but I am also not constipated; I have diarrhea. The pain in my gut can be so bad that it hurts to move and lay down. I am currently 35 wks. 5 days. I went into early labor and had it stopped 2 wks. ago.  I have also cut out dairy from my diet and eggs. I am worried I may have to cut out more. I am taking Gas x which isn't helping and I take Pepcid for my GERD. Neither is doing the trick. Tums doesn't even touch the symptoms when its severe and its the extra strength tums too. This all started x-mas eve and it hasn't gone away. I have talked to my dr about it (which all they did was prescribe the gas x and that was it) and I have never experienced this before with either of my 2 previous pregnancies. It makes it tough to sleep at night not that sleeping isn't difficult already.

Re: Severe Gas pain

  • just because your having diarrhea does not mean your not constipated... it could be that the watery stuff is all that can get around the hard feces... 
       I had a lot of gas discomfort/pain with my last pregnancy. it i'd work on adding more fiber in your diet to get things moving....  pregnancy is glamorous. 
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