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FTM Check In December

It occurred to me that we haven't done one of these since September so I thought it'd be nice to start a new check in for us FTMs.

EDD/weeks + days

What have you found to be the most exciting thing about pregnancy so far? Anything you have been anxious about?

GTKY: any holiday traditions you are looking forward to sharing with your baby?
Me: 31 ~ DH: 34 
BFP: 9/5/19 ~ EDD 5/15/20

Re: FTM Check In December

  • May 15/16+4

    I think the best thing so far has just been sharing our news and seeing how excited and happy everyone is for us. We got to tell all of my extended family in person last week just before Thanksgiving dinner and I cried lots of happy tears (I blamed the hormones).

    I certainly didn't realize how far between the appointments would be in early pregnancy and that has really made it hard for me to relax. Even now as I can see my body changing and my bump growing in the back of my mind I can't help but think that something is wrong and get so anxious before our next appointment. Anyone else feel this way? It feels extra hard because I don't know how pregnancy is supposed to feel.

    I love decorating for Christmas, taking a whole day and putting on music and making a big deal out of it. MH is a total grinch. I told him I am going to make this baby love Christmas as much as I do so maybe he'll finally get some holiday spirit 😂
    Me: 31 ~ DH: 34 
    BFP: 9/5/19 ~ EDD 5/15/20
  • May 9th. 17+3

    I agree that the most exciting was telling people. We told everyone right away, so new excitement now is feeling some movement. It’s really irregular right now and it took a bit to distinguish from gas, but it just doesn’t feel like anything I’ve ever felt before, so it’s got to be baby! Excited for it to be more regular.

    @heyybritt I have the same anxious feelings. It’s hard not to worry, another reason it’ll be nice to feel babe more consistently. I think the anatomy scan will allay my fears. December 23rd.

    We don’t have any real traditions yet, but as a kid we were always allowed to open a gift on Christmas Eve, so maybe do that? Get like nice Christmas PJs and something fun to do as family?  
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  • EDD/weeks + days 5/2 / 18 weeks 3 days

    What have you found to be the most exciting thing about pregnancy so far? Anything you have been anxious about? I finally got to tell my students and it was really fun they are 6 so they had some cute reactions.
     @heyybritt I’m totally anxious as well. I hate waiting between appointments to hear her heart or talk to the doctor. Definitely looking forward to this anatomy scan so I can really see her in action!

    GTKY: any holiday traditions you are looking forward to sharing with your baby? I love to bake Christmas cookies. She’s a few years away from that, but I look forward to sharing those recipes and memories with her one day 😊. Decorating this year has made me even more excited for her first Christmas next year 🎄 @smashley09 I love the PJ idea!
  • @heyybritt yup same anxiety for me too. I wish I could get a confirmation each morning that things are still looking good.
  • @smashley09 I also love the PJ idea!

    @babyfoxden10 I love Christmas cookies too - what is your favorite one to bake??

    @lisush yes exactly! that would be ideal.
    Me: 31 ~ DH: 34 
    BFP: 9/5/19 ~ EDD 5/15/20
  • @heyybritt I love making my Grandma’s Italian S cookies. This little one will also have her name as her middle name so it would be a little extra special. My sister recently requested gingerbread cookies which came out really well but I made them with Beatle cookie cutters last year lol. 
    What are your favorites?
  • EDD: 5/4 

    I agree with everything said. The most exciting part has been telling everyone. It was SUCH A RELIEF when I told my students. They’re all college seniors, all over 21 so they get it. It’s been nice that I can be honest with them and tell them the baby is putting me through a lot so I may be off in class. The other exciting part is actually seeing the baby! I have an anterior placenta and I’m plus size, so the Doppler hasn’t been powerful enough. I’ve been fortunate to have an ultrasound at every appointment. Which brings me to the appointments... 

    So much anxiety between appointments! I get that early on there isn’t much going on but 4 weeks in between appointments is so long. ESPECIALLY FOR FTMs! We have no idea what’s going on and the ultrasounds are the only thing that give me piece of mind. Now I can feel some movement, I have body aches associated with a growing uterus, and I have a bump so I have that. Still wish the appointments were closer.  

    My anxiety has shifted from “is the baby fine?” to “am I going to make it through the next semester?” I currently don’t have plans for someone to cover my class if I have to leave early. 

    No holiday traditions, but I’m just looking forward to making traditions with my new little family.
    Me: 28  DH: 29
    BFP 08/25/19, EDD 05/04/20
  • Hi Ladies! EDD 5/30

    So I completely understand all the anxiety but I am trying to just enjoy it right now. Focus on what i can control and let the rest go. Control= drinking more water and getting more steps!!

    I agree that telling everyone is very exciting and I read that in the next two weeks baby will be able to hear so I am hoping since their first music will be Christmas music they will be happy Christmas loving babies. I was putting my husband's and mine first Christmas ornaments next to each other on the tree and teared up thinking about adding one to the collection next year!
    Our Journey:
    Me: 37
    TTC since 2017
    3/18-9/18- IUI's
    11/18- IVF #1
    1/19- IVF #2
    8/19- DE Cycle #1- 5 PGS tested normal
    9/19- FET #1 Due 5/30/20
  •  May 23rd / 15+5

    What have you found to be the most exciting thing about pregnancy so far? Anything you have been anxious about?
    It's been most exciting to share the news with loved ones, especially since this will be the first grandbaby/great-grandbaby on both sides. Don't know if it's exciting necessarily, just just tracking the progress of the baby and my body has been very interesting. 

    Like everyone else I've been on edge a lot. It's hard as a first time mom to know if what you're feeling is normal, or if it's something to be concerned about. I've had many phone calls to my mother crying with worry, especially after you hear about people far along and bad things happen. Hopefully we'll all start to feel more comfortable as time goes on. Next I'll be worried about the birth :/ 

    GTKY: any holiday traditions you are looking forward to sharing with your baby?
    I find my self constantly getting excited about all the holidays next year with baby! My family always did, and continues to do Christmas pajamas so we'll continue on that tradition. Someone in my week group mentioned that they do an advent style book opening, where they open a new christmas book every day to read at bed and then they put those books away each year so they seem new the next year. Seems like a super cute idea, and one I'll definitely steal :smile:
  • Baby kicks!! You guys feeling them? EDD is May 9th so I’m 19+4. They have gotten so strong the last week. Can feel them from the outside now. I started noticing around late 16 early 17, but wasn’t sure until mid 18. Then they’ve been getting more consistent and stronger since then. 
  • EDD/weeks + days 18 W 6D

    What have you found to be the most exciting thing about pregnancy so far? Anything you have been anxious about? Honestly it’s all been really exciting for me! We struggled with IF for almost 7 years and then were successful on our first IVF attempt and ended with identical twins from a one embryo FET. I’ve been given the nickname of Mary Poppins since I was in like 5th grade and started baby sitting all the neighbor kids, and have been a nanny for the last 15 years. There was no question from anyone who knew me that I wanted kids, and lots of them, so the excitement people have shared with me has been awesome. Also, feeling them move and the growing bump is pretty exciting!

    Because of being high risk with twins we actually have ultrasounds every other week, which I actually love. I get really anxious as they get closer and I have no idea why. Not sure what I’ll do if we have another single pregnancy and I don’t get the same treatment!

    GTKY: any holiday traditions you are looking forward to sharing with your baby?

    None specifically, I just love holidays and I can’t even begin to imagine how much more I’m going to love them when I can share them with my own kids!
  • @smashley09 I'm definitely feeling something but not consistently and no kicks yet. 18+5 and I'll get this rolling sensation every now and then like a washing machine in my stomach.

    @bender29 so exciting that after a long journey you ended up with twins! Double the excitement
    Me: 31 ~ DH: 34 
    BFP: 9/5/19 ~ EDD 5/15/20
  • @heyybritt that's a great way to describe it! I get the same washing machine sensations, but nothing consistent, definitely no hard kids or anything
  • @smashley09 My A/S confirmed that what I have been feeling has been movement. I started to feel movement around 18 weeks. For me it feels like my stomach is growling, but it's not my stomach--kinda like a washing machine @aneggnamedalex. I have an anterior placenta so I wasn't sure if it was really movement. It's getting stronger but I can't always feel when he's moving. I don't expect feeling anything on the outside until 24-28 weeks (currently 20 weeks +2).

    @bender29 I'm happy to hear that everything is going well! Enjoy the bi-monthly ultrasounds. The doppler wasn't picking up on the HB so I was having monthly ultrasounds-- I loved seeing baby! Now he's big enough and the doppler can pick up his HB so no more ultrasounds :(
    Me: 28  DH: 29
    BFP 08/25/19, EDD 05/04/20
  • @heyybritt I think a washing machine sensation is the closest description for me too. I'm at 18+2 and still nothing that I can clearly pinpoint as movement and only in bed at night. 

    @bender29 I'm sure if you do have a single pregnancy you will be glad not to have to go in so often for US because you'll be so busy with the twins by then!
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