HDBD (12/04) — The Bump
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HDBD (12/04)

Show off your growing bump/blump!
Me: 28  DH: 29
BFP 08/25/19, EDD 05/04/20

Re: HDBD (12/04)

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  • I love and am jealous of all of your bumps. I don't have a picture to contribute because I feel my bump is so nonexistent still. I'm 20lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant with DD two years ago and because everything is already stretched out, I don't feel like there's any bump going to happen for awhile, though the space in our fence to get from the ball field to our back yard is getting awfully narrow and it looks like I might have to walk around the block instead of cutting through the ball fields soon.  
    Me: 32 |  DH: 44
    Started Dating: November 2007
    Married: July 2017
    DD May 2018, #2 hopefully May 2020
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