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Cole as a nickname

I love the name Cole, but I’d like a longer name to go with our last name. Is it weird to do Colton as a full name, but call him Cole? I’ve heard of Colt as a nn for Colton, but I like Cole so much better

Re: Cole as a nickname

  • Coleman is a name I have heard before, though all I can think of when he was called by his full name was coolers, LOL! 

    Colton is fine with a NN Cole. 
  • I know someone named Coletrain. That could shorten to Cole.

    Does Cole not flow well with your last name? I'm a big fan of naming a child what you'll call them (my Eli is just Eli and not Elijah, for example). So I'd say unless it just didn't sound right, go with Cole since that's what you love and don't try to force a longer name that you're less than in love with. 
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  • It could also be a middle name paired with a first name you might like. Nicolas could also be Cole, Nick, Nico...

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  • I think Cole works as a nickname for Colton
  • Cole is a nn for Nicholas
  • Oo im likening Cole as a nn for Nicholas. Didn’t think of that. Thanks for the feeback!
  • I like Nicholas nn Cole
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  • Love Nicholas with nn Cole

    Also Colby
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