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FFFC 12/6

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  • Also, MH had a stuffed nose right now and I’m contemplating if prison would be all that bad. 
  • @rox7777 Make sure you have lots of women on your jury. You'll be fine. 😁
  • I’ve had a stuffed nose since I POAS. Two days of stuffiness and he acts like he’s freaking dying. All I can hear is sniffling. The sound is stuck in my head. 
  • @shamrocandroll He’s been sleeping in the guest room all week. I’m a super light sleeper and unisom barely gets me to sleep as it is. I don’t need all that nonsense next to my ear. 
  • @rox7777 I'm really good at getting it washed, and I'm pretty decent at getting it folded, but putting it away...well maybe once or twice a month. I'm pretty sure I mostly wear clothes out of the basket than out of the drawers or closet. 

     That's your payment for having to do his laundry is what I say. 

    I'm a little sad DD is warming up to MH these past few months and is okay with me leaving her with him. I really enjoyed the fact that she would cry so much when I left because I was her favorite. I know it's not fair to him, but I ate it up. 
    Me: 32 |  DH: 44
    Started Dating: November 2007
    Married: July 2017
    DD May 2018, #2 hopefully May 2020
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