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TW Tuesday!

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Re: TW Tuesday!

  • so super minor...but annoying nonetheless.  We technically have two office locations, one of which we share with another ad agency that we only go to once a week (Tuesdays). There's a cute freelancer here that one of my direct reports has a huge crush on. She's obviously mad at me now because I told her she can't work from this office again tomorrow. 

    I'm not just being a grump...we have several meetings that we need her physically in at the main office and there is literally no reason for her to be here alone tomorrow...well other than the hot guy. ((sigh)) 
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  • @lanie1000 Totally counts- don't be a twatwaffle and make people force you to attend meetings you're required at.

    My TW is a co-worker and former supervisor whose department stopped paying for a contract with our department. I like him a lot, but he keeps asking for lunch/coffee dates so he can get my help with work things, and I really need him to stop putting me out personally. It's only every once in a while so I'm trying to be generous, and again I actually really liked working with him, but advocate for a contract if you need my help! I can't take long lunches or coffee breaks to help you out when I've got a boatload of paying clients I'm supposed to prioritize. 
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  • @craftywitch Ugh...I can totally understand your frustration. I hate that you're having to balance being generous with being taken advantage of...especially when there's more pressing work on the table. Plus you're pregnant! Hopefully he starts pushing his team to get another contract with your department ASAP. 

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