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Group 4 (2/22-2/29) Check-in w/o 11/4

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GTKY- You just found a $20 on the ground and no one is around so you pocket it. What are you going to do with it?

Re: Group 4 (2/22-2/29) Check-in w/o 11/4

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  • @rikiteacup, I have stretch marks on my thighs from puberty but never got any from my last pregnancy despite gaining 35+ pounds. So even having some already doesn’t mean you will get more during pregnancy necessarily. 
  • @rikiteacup I thought I was going to get away with stretch marks. Alas, they stated appearing at about 37 weeks. Luckily mine are just tiny white ones, not big purple tiger stripes.
  • @daffodil_shoe good to know. I still want to be a magic unicorn re: stretch marks :D
    10/2018: MFI (2 SA under 9 million/ml)
    11/2018: HSG shows right Fallopian tube slightly damaged 
    1/2019: Husband diagnosed with grade 3 varicocele
    4/05/2019: varicocele repair surgery
    6/13/2019: BFP!!! EDD: 2/22/2020 <3  Baby girl born 2/27/2020
    7/18/2019: Total Motile Count at 3 months post surgery = 51 millions!! (number must be >20 millions to conceive naturally).

    TTC #2
    9/07/2021: BFP - CP: 9/10/2021
    10/07/2021: BFP - CP: 10/23/2021
    12/23/2021: BFP! EDD: 08/31/2022

  • @rikiteacup As someone who is prone to stretch marks (got them really easily as a teenager on hips and thighs), mine didn't appear until like week 38 of my last pregnancy. My whole pregnancy I was so excited that I never got them since I get them so easily otherwise, but nope my belly was not spared. LOL Fingers crossed you can stay that magic unicorn!! lol
  • EDD/W+D: 25w exactly

    Team: PINK

    Baby Size: prairie dog

    Upcoming Appts: 12/5 for 28w appt and GD

    Symptoms/Cravings: my feet and back kill me after working a long day, trouble staying asleep but otherwise pretty good no specific cravings but I feel like I’m always hungry 

    Rants/Raves: my crazy kitten got spayed on Wednesday and is so active and crazy she is on two pain meds the second is mainly to sedate her slightly to keep her from running and jumping but even with that I’m having to crate her like a dog to keep her from hurting herself 😔 I love her and she is so cute but she is a handful that’s what I get for picking the craziest most active kitten of the litter


    GTKY- You just found a $20 on the ground and no one is around so you pocket it. What are you going to do with it? Probably just leave it in my wallet until I needed to fill up our 5gallon water jugs
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