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February 2020 Moms

Group 3 (2/15-2/21) check-in w/o 10/28


Team finding out/pink/blue/green: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Upcoming appts: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY:  How did you meet your best friend?:
BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
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Re: Group 3 (2/15-2/21) check-in w/o 10/28

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  • @fallonpartyfor2 oh man now I want mashed potatoes. 
    DH: 34
    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    DS: 10/20/2016
    TTC #2: June 2019
    #2 EDD: 2/20/2020
  • @fallonpartyfor2 @ibabyloveb87 I made pot roast and mashed potatoes with gravy for dinners this past week. Totally work the extra work! 
  • I made DH bring me home mashed potatoes from KFC. Ate the entire thing. 😋
    DH: 34
    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    DS: 10/20/2016
    TTC #2: June 2019
    #2 EDD: 2/20/2020
  • @ibabyloveb87 I got KFC mashed potatoes twice last week.... no shame.
  • @leksiL While I was more than happy to have whatever b/g combination as long as they were healthy, I admit it made me just a tiny bit sad that the girl won’t have a sister and the boy won’t have a brother. I know they can still be close, especially as twins, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite the same in my mind. Ah well :) 
  • @Swiftlet I work with a gentleman who has a twin sister. They are close, and still hang out together a lot. I think your babies will definitely be close! I love my older sister dearly, but we are total opposites. I get along so much better and enjoy being around my younger brother more so than my sister. 
  • @swiftlet if it makes you feel better - out of all my siblings I'm closest with my brother. :)
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

  • EDD/W+D: 25 wks today!

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: Blue!

    Baby is the size of a(n): Got a new list today: Cauliflower, a baseball mitt, napa cabbage

    Upcoming appts: 11/22; Had my diabetes test last wk and no issues thankfully. My drink was clear and tasted pretty much like flat sprite. It wasn't bad. I wasn't sure how much I'd have to drink but it was only 8 oz.

    How are you feeling?: Good! Feeling lots of kicks and saw my belly actually move for the first time today. So weird! Still having upper back pain between my shoulders...getting used to new weight pulling down my posture.

    Cravings/Aversions: Pork has been dead to me for a few months now - no change there! This week I've been bad about eating Halloween candy...

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Hubby has been adorably sweet lately. He gets so excited to feel kicks and he talks to and kisses my belly. He's not usually very sentimental so it's been SO heartwarming to see because I'm a total sap :)

    GTKY:  How did you meet your best friend?: Crazy story...We were randomly paired up in the dorm freshman yr of college. Backstory is that I was originally paired up with this girl Mindy (I'll give names or it gets confusing) but a week before school, they switched me to a girl named Rachel (my now BFF). Rachel started dating this guy Chris a couple years into college and they eventually got married. Well come to find out that Chris's ex-girlfriend for like 3 yrs in high school was MINDY!  So I feel like, either way, I would've met Chris through Mindy and then met Rachel :)
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