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Advice is going through this!

Hi all,
I just found out after having to have another anatomy ultrasound sound due to my baby boy being too wiggly that he has Mild Dilation in his left kidney. Anyone else told their baby has this? They said not to worry and will do another ultrasound at week 32 and that it is very common in male babies. I can’t get my mind off of it. I’ll be 24 weeks tomorrow. Any advice helps. 

Re: Advice is going through this!

  •  @kayceetorres I am so sorry you are feeling stressed about this, but this really doesn't need its own thread. It would be more appropriate for The Great Question Thread. Please also take a look at the pinned posts to learn about board organization and introduce yourself on the introduction thread. 
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  • @kayceetorres sorry to hear this. You will probably find more support from others who have gone through this if you post this on the 2nd tri board.
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  • @kayceetorres My first son had that and at the 32 week ultrasound was totally fine. I didn't worry about it much in the interim and fortunately didn't need to! Easier said than done, but if I recall it's something that resolved itself before birth a very large percentage of the time.
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