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Twat Waffle Tuesday

Let's hear 'em!

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Re: Twat Waffle Tuesday

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  • @babyroma that is annoying! I’m sure she’d have opinions on the name if you told her, too. I think you have a good plan by not sharing the name. 
  • @babyroma I am so sorry your SIL is being a butt. 
  • @babyroma Sorry about your SIL being annoying. 

    @therealbitts People and their attitudes! Sorry you had to deal with that.

    Hmmm... mine is work related. Yesterday I sent a PSA email about a process that should go a certain way to a group on my team. Someone replied all and kind of said in a "I know it all" manner about how the process hasn't been followed and specifically mentioned how a coworker didn't follow the process. I replied all and said "we are all human and unfortunately sometimes make mistakes, if you see something not following this process please email me individually so we can address the issue". I was so upset all last night and this morning about it.
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @therealbitts people can be so rude!  I walk with crutches and in my experience children are more kind than most adults. 

    @babyroma I am so sorry your SIL has been so difficult.

    @brookert615 the dreaded reply all button.  Try not to let it get to you because you were professional and that person was rude and horribly unprofessional.

    @lanie1000 that is disgusting!  I don't understand how people can be so gross.

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  • @lanie1000 Ugh!!! Gross!!!!

    @celticknotfire Thanks girl!  <3
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @brookert615 I hate when work email exchanges end like that. Sorry you had to deal with it!

    @celticknotfire right?? The “me-first” mentality some people have really irks me. 

    @lanie1000 that is so gross! 🤮
  • @lanie1000 GROSS! Why are people so disgusting?

    @babyroma omg I want to punch her! I don’t get how she doesn’t get your position after she herself changed her kids name?? 

    Maybe I’m just in a bad mood today but I am mad at all of these people on all of your behalfs! (Is “behalfs” a word? 😂)  Although I’m thankful for all this good reading that’s making my time on the elliptical fly by!
  • I took my 3.5 year old to a walk In clinic. We were sitting in the waiting room and my son didn’t want to sit anymore so he was standing in front of his chair. A lady walks in and sits in his chair. Like inches around him and sits in it! There were at least 12 other open chairs! Of course my son starts crying saying “I want my chair back!” She looks at him and asks what wrong! WTF do you think lady!! I was so annoyed!
  • @babyroma ugh girl, that’s why I always just say that we are still discussing! 
  • nhh11nhh11 member
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    @TennisLove30 uh what a B! You SHOULD be proud of that bump!:)
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